Monday, January 21, 2019

Chef Baek Jong Won and actress So Yoo Jin continues to be everyone's relationship goals

1. [+1707, -73] Money. Personality. Humor. Appearance... Nothing lacks except for age. There aren't a lot of guys around us that are better than Baek Jong Won. I acknowledge her eye for seeing men. (t/n: Baek Jong Won and So Yoo Jin are 15 years apart)
↪ [+176, -6] To be honest, I feel like So Yoo Jin got lucky ㅎㅎ Seeing how So Yoo Jin's exes are living, their behavior seems so-so, Baek Jong Won is the best (t/n: She used to be in a relationship with rapper Rhymer, the CEO of Brand New Music, and she once went on a show and talked about her worst relationship experiences that involved the guys gambling, cheating, and their drunkenness)
↪ [+114, -7] I'm not comparing but if you exclude Baek Jong Won's age, isn't he too perfect.... I'm a guy but I want to marry him... 

2. [+950, -62] I'm a guy but I want to live with Baek Jong Won too

3. [+915, -27] I don't know about anything else but if So Yoo Jin sloppily got married, I don't think she would've ever been able to be the lead of two dramas after giving birth to three children. She was born with luck

4. [+380, -17] In the second picture, even if you're looking at So Yoo Jin-nim from behind, it's lovely how you can feel that she's smiling ♡ You guys look really happy!!! ㅎㅎㅎ   

5. [+298, -41] They should come out on Same Bed, Different Dreams 2
↪ [+22, -0] Right now Rhymer and his wife are coming out on it so it might be a bit awkward~ ㅎ