Monday, February 11, 2019

Actress Kim Bo Ra part ways with SidusHQ, joins Moment Entertainment

Original Source (Ilgan Sports via Naver): 'SKY Castle' Kim Bo Ra leaves SidusHQ, 'No renewal'

1. [+2029, -61] The characteristic of people from SidusHQ: They leave once they become popular
↪ [+271, -4] Of course, no one likes a thuggish company 
↪ [+115, -6] Kim Yoo Jung didn't leave and renewed her contract
↪ [+456, -3] Look at SidusHQ's lineup, just because Kim Bo Ra exploded with 'SKY Castle' they're not in the situation where they can push her so it's reasonable that she's going somewhere else that can push her 
↪ [+127, -1] Is Jang Hyuk, Kim Yoo Jung, and Kim Bo Ra's situation the same. 

2. [+1746, -27] If she just hit big after promoting for 16 years then it's reasonable that she's moving companies 

3. [+791, -15] If she's going to a newly established company then that usually means her manager is going independent (t/n: they're saying that it's usually the managers who part ways with the company and set up their own company)
↪ [+99, -0] That's right ㅋㅋㅋ There's a lot of cases where their managers set up their own company and the celebrities go with them

4. [+487, -46] Hul she isn't a rookie and had 16 yeas of experience? 
↪ [+239, -3] Even if you didn't know her name, she's a child actress who had a pretty familiar face 

5. [+455, -38] Go to Yum Jung Ah's agency 

6. [+231, -17] Kim Bo Ra originally had a lot of fans and there were a lot of people who recognized her... She promoted for 16 years, do you think she now just got better? The company passively... If they actively marketed and managed her then honestly, it's true that she would've already been a known actress.. At least during 'Misaeng', they should've actively marketed her.. She left well... SidusHQ didn't manage Kim Bo Ra for a long time and they neglected her

7. [+141, -0] Hye Na left and Ye Seo joined ㅋㅋ

1. [+768, -27] Kim Bo Ra hwaiting! Let's only walk the flower path!

2. [+387, -24] Good job on leaving Sidus

3. [+125, -11] I support you

4. [+117, -3] Purple unni, please do a lot of dramas and not web-dramas at your new company ㅜㅜ (t/n: 보라 (Bo Ra) also means purple in Korean so a lot of her fans call her Kim Purple)

5. [+91, -8] Bo Ra unni, only walk the flower path ❤️