Monday, February 18, 2019

Actress Kim Seo Hyung reveals her performance in 'SKY Castle' gave her chills

t/n: She said in the interview, "When I watched it, I got chills because I seemed like the devil. So there was a time when I messaged the director. To the director, I said, "It doesn't seem like me, it's so scary." So the director replied, "Seo Hyung, you did 200% good"."

1. [+1724, -2] It was really amazing acting ^^

2. [+1817, -127] (t/n: This commenter posted a comment saying if you upvote, your 2019 will be amazing and if you just read past it, a family member is going to get ill - *insert Seo Jang Hoon saying "What's the point of this" LOLOL*)

3. [+867, -12] From the scenes from Korean dramas and movies, it's the only scene that gives you chills. I feel like Kim Seo Hyung can advance into Hollywood

4. [+410, -5] Yes, it's because you acted so well~ 

5. [+344, -2] You're so cool, Teacher Kim ㅠㅠㅠ Kim Seo Hyung is the best actress!!