Monday, February 4, 2019

New variety show 'Breakfast in Hollywood' shows veteran actresses trying to advance into Hollywood

Park Jung Soo, Kim Bo Yeon, and Park Joon Geum are considered veteran actresses in Korea, they have a combined acting experience of 120 years. During the intro of the show, the actresses all talked about how they basically been typecast in mom roles and they don't want to keep playing the role of mothers in dramas. For actress Park Joon Geum, she's appeared in 40 dramas but has played the role of a mother 30 times. For actress Kim Bo Yeon, she's appeared in 50 dramas and has played the role of a mother 31 times. For actress Park Jung Soo, she's appeared in 85 dramas and has played the role of a mother 72 times. 

1. [+304, -3] I watched it by chance after changing channels from the public broadcast channels cause they were so boring but the format is refreshing and it's fun. Even if you get older, looking past success and failure, I really liked seeing the process of them challenging themselves. It's a lot meaningful and good than useless celebrity family observation shows.  

2. [+131, -5] It's cool, I hope they succeed in casting

3. [+121, -1] Eating shows, music shows, traveling shows... To be honest, I'm now sick of it. They're challenging themselves even though they're middle aged actresses, I'm supporting you

4. [+65, -1] Wow they're really cool!! Regardless of the outcome, the meaning is really deep

5. [+47, -3] A unique variety show, it's fun. I'm supporting you