Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Restaurant owner accuses Baek Jong Won's Alley Restaurant of "evil editing"

t/n: He's the owner of a restaurant that serves food like tonkatsu, hamburg steak, and pasta. He's infamous to viewers for being stubborn and not taking up the solutions (advice) Baek Jong Won provided and the advice other restaurant owners/chefs in his field provided - the other restaurant owners/chefs came to him and gave him a personalized lesson on how to make the food, store it, etc. For example, Baek Jong Won told him to stop serving the miso soup in wine glasses and the soup in mugs because the wine glasses might look aesthetically pleasing to the owner but the customer won't know if they're supposed to take a sip out of it or use a soup. Baek Jong Won also said the residue from the miso soup will make the wine glass look dirty throughout the meal because it'll stick to the glass. 

Even after Baek Jong Won told him this, the owner didn't take up the advice. The owner is saying that the show edited him badly and made it look like he uses old meat and what's worse is that people still believe he uses old meat. In his YouTube video, the owner said that he told the production team that the meat wasn't old and he showed them receipts when they requested it. He went around and interviewed other business owners and butchers on what's appropriate for using/storing meat (e.g. how many days can you leave it until you use it?) and most of them told him that it's okay until 5 days but you really need to refrigerate/store it well. The owner said that the meat he used for the show was only stored for 48 hours before he used it (basically the meat was stored for 2 days before he prepped and served it). 

1. [+14563, -557] I'm a viewer who has 7 years of experience working at a tonkatsu restaurant in Shinjuku. You have to refrigerate pork within 12 hours and after you season it, you have to serve it within 48 hours. This owner is arguing that it hasn't passed 48 hours after he seasoned it so it's not old pork but just by watching TV and looking at the color of the pork, the pork was older than 3 days. It looks like either the refrigeration process was long or the pork went bad when he carelessly took care of it after the seasoning process. You can't say that the viewers are uninformed about pork. And it's not like Baek Jong Won is a person who's uninformed about pork.

2. [+7818, -224] The issue is that even if the pork isn't old, if you treat it or handle it wrong, the meat will go bad and smell in 24 hours. Your problem (they're talking to the restaurant owner) is that you're only finding problems through books and the internet. If time isn't the issue and the meat smells spoiled, then that means it's rotten meat. You should just live by reading books. 

3. [+6421, -127] The reason he can't succeed... Even if it's not 48 hours and it's half a day, you shouldn't use the meat if it's weird 

4. [+3347, -111] He's so fucking funny, he should've declined appearing on the show - now that the hype (from his episode) is coming to an end, he's belatedly turning up

5. [+2031, -110] Okay, we're not going [to his restaurant]

6. [+1820, -36] It's a bit foggy since it's been a while since I've read the article but.. This person worked at another tonkatsu restaurant and he opened his own restaurant after stealing their recipe, plating, and more. Didn't he come out on 'Alley Restaurant' after hiding the fact that he appeared on the 'Live Report' (t/n: It's a show that goes around showing restaurants)? He didn't pay money and came out on TV twice promoting his restaurant but hella failed, is he trying to shift the blame onto 'Alley Restaurant'?