Saturday, February 23, 2019

Ryu Jun Yeol travels alone to Cuba in the new show 'Traveler'

1. [+1699, -71] Traveler has documentary vibes but it's fun and informative. I'm jealous of Ryu Jun Yeol's personality and I want to travel with Ryu Jun Yeol ㅎㅎ

2. [+983, -52] Ha.. Ryu Jun Yeol is crazy, his voice is really good and even his personality is really good... He's only wearing a t-shirt with sweats but why does he look so cool?? Ryu Jun Yeol's charms are insane, I also feel they also really did good in making the show 'Traveler' kyah

3. [+852, -35] It's so fun~ ^^ It feels like I'm going on a trip with a friend~ ^^ Cuba is also charming and I'm looking forward to the next episode~ ^^/

4. [+754, -41] Ryu Jun Yeol is so cool. 'Traveler' exceeded my expectations!!!

5. [+459, -34] Actor Ryu who's cool whenever 

6. [+378, -7] I like calm travel shows like this a lot more than shows where celebrities move around in big groups, they each have their own self-video cameras and they go around being loud like Chinese tourists being inconvenient at restaurants, tourist spots, and hotels