Saturday, February 23, 2019

Season 1 of 'Taste of Dating' comes to an end + Kim Jong Min and Hwang Mina part ways

1. [+3178, -292] Kim Jong Min is just an entertainer... There's a lot of people who are shitting on Hwang Mina... Kim Jong Min acts all innocent but that's for TV, all the calculations and the tricks has been clearly revealed... If you didn't have feelings from the start then you shouldn't have given the ring and you shouldn't have lied saying you want to continue seeing her - if you fall in love, even if you work all night, you'll run to her - I hope he stops cosplaying as a nice person now..
↪ [+221, -6] I agree so much, he didn't have feelings for her from the start but it was obvious he was acting 

2. [+2190, -156] Conclusion: Kim Jong Min dealt with it as TV material, Hwang Mina dealt with it sincerely, the issue with the expressions from here and there was that eventually, Kim Jong Min proved that he had no feelings. Seeing how Hwang Mina made a birthday meal for him, you can tell she had feelings. If you look back, it's a bit sad how Hwang Mina was shitted on as if she came out on the show because she wanted to get popular like Chun Yi Seul. If you present it positively, Kim Jong Min is a professional entertainer and if you present it negatively, he played with her feelings. But it's so-so how at the beginning they presented it at as if they had marriage in thought. While filming, he promoted his album and other things, but ultimately, it was a calculated appearance. 
↪ [+77, -1] Jong Min just filmed a TV show 
↪ [+61, -2ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Did you say Hwang Mina was sincere?

3. [+980, -72] Saying they're busy is just an excuse, even if you work all night, you want to see them - they seem like a couple that was thoroughly calculated. It was stupid to support them and keep up with the show. I'm put off by this

4. [+789, -64] The thing that was really sus from the start was that the only guy who didn't drive their own car was Kim Jong Min - seriously, did he leave his car and rent one or did the broadcast company lend him one, I kept being suspicious about that. That was eventually him acting like he's ordinary and people liking him if he seems nice and with the 'Taste of Dating' appearance fee, he just had a mindset of let's film a TV show so I think that's why he didn't bring his car on the show
[+92, -3] Jong Min-hyung is really smart and meticulous than he looks, he's good at reading the public and calculating people usually can't love 

5. [+440, -50] It kinda felt like that... But since it's TV material, shouldn't they put up with the viewers meddling in? If they didn't like that, they should've met on their own... Anyways, I'll look forward to you as an entertainer on other shows~ Hwaiting 

1. [+1443, -108] I'm sorry but you're in the wrong 

2. [+1084, -37] You can straight up tell that honey wasn't dripping from Kim Jong Min's eyes (t/n: looking at her with love).. If you liked her, you would be willing to do anything - saying you can't contact her because you're busy is an excuse 

3. [+910, -74] Up until episode 14, it was just so-so but after watching today's episode, it's so freaking disgusting - seriously, it's an excuse to say you can't contact them because you're busy although I knew it would eventually end up like this 

4. [+762, -27] After watching just the interview, I don't know what he's saying ㅠ Is Jong Min saying that he didn't have much thought (about the relationship, didn't have feelings) from the start?? 

5. [+517, -78] Fool

6. [+352, -6] Saying they didn't have time to meet up, the reactions from people around them was burdensome is all bullshit - the answer is already set, Kim Jong Min didn't have a lot of feelings for Hwang Mina, if he really liked her, he would've made time to meet her even with a busy schedule and would've contacted her and done everything 

7. [+321, -12] He's saying, "I was just doing a variety show but if Mina got hurt, sorry" ㅋ

I feel like this show was literally the non-idol version of We Got Married and sure some people joined the show to actually find love but I'm pretty sure some people felt pressured or realized this shit got serious after Lee Pil Mo actually got married to the woman he met on the show LOL
Viewers need to stop being so invested in TV romance lines lolol