Wednesday, February 13, 2019

[SPOILERS!!!][Item Roundup] Episode 1-4

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Original Source (Sports DongA via Naver): 'Item' Premiere Ju Ji Hoon x Jin Se Yeon's crazy first encounter…Kim Kang Woo is scary villain

Nationwide ratings for episodes that aired on February 11 (cr. Naver TV):
  • Episode 1 - 4.0%
  • Episode 2 - 4.9% 
1. [+327, -41] Ju Ji Hoon, Jin Se Yeon, and Kim Kang Woo's acting skills and visuals are awesome

2. [+238, -13] The start was a bit hectic but I think you have watch more to know.. Ju Ji Hoon is cool and there's nothing to say about Kim Kang Woo's acting skills! (t/n: They're saying his acting is good and there's nothing more to add)

3. [+184, -12] Kim Kang Woo is so good at acting, I think 'Item' is going to hit daebak

4. [+138, -10] It's a bit hectic but I think you need to watch more because it's the first episode... As expected, Ju Ji Hoon is good at acting 

5. [+126, -28] How is it that Jin Se Yeon is playing lead roles since she was a rookie???

Original Source (X Sports News via Naver): 'Item' Ju Ji Hoon becomes Kim Kang Woo's target

Nationwide ratings for episodes that aired on February 12 (cr. Naver TV):
  • Episode 3 - 4.0%
  • Episode 4 - 4.7% 
1. [+599,- 16] Kim Kang Woo just needs to hit big, he's so fucking good at acting

2. [+170, -16] This drama is so fun. But there's so many fun dramas on Monday-Tuesday. Ju Ji Hoon is so fucking cool

3. [+210, -70] I think it became more fun than yesterday, I'm looking forward to next week. Also the actors are all good at acting and it's alright but why are people shitting on Jin Se Yeon;; 
↪ [+43, -6] To be honest, she's not good at acting... It's a bit unnatural but we're just watching... 

4. [+66, -7] I'm looking more and more forward to it! 

5. [+58, -13] A drama where it's such a waste for the male leads ㅠㅠ There's no solution for the female lead 

6. [+45, -1] Kim Kang Woo is so good at acting.. 

7. [+45, -2] The idea is fresh but the directing is a bit corny;;