Thursday, March 14, 2019

[Article Translation] Mystery surrounds the death of Koreana Hotel CEO's wife Lee Mi Ran

Questions are starting to rise again regarding the death of Koreana Hotel CEO's wife Lee Mi Ran. Her body was found in the Han River in September 2016 but why did she jump to death? 

On March 5, MBC's investigative show 'PD Notebook' aired an episode titled 'The Hotel Madam's Final Message' that focused on CEO Bang Yong Hoon's wife Lee Mi Ran's wife. Bang Yong Hoon is also known for being a part of the dinner setting that's connected to the death of actress Jang Ja Yeon. 

On September 2016, Lee Mi Ran's corpse was found at Han River, it's presumed that she jumped to her death. Before she made the extreme decision to jump, it's confirmed she said to her older brother, "I'm so sorry. I tried hard to live but. How do I beat Bang Yong Hoon. I'm scared but this is my only option." Lee Mi Ran's brother hurriedly filed a missing person's report but he couldn't find his sister. Lee Mi Ran was already dead. Lee Mi Ran's corpse was found near Gayang Bridge and near her they discovered 7 pages of her suicide note. 

In her suicide note, she wrote that she was forcibly taken onto a private ambulance and was kicked out of her home - she said that her children said, "Dad made us do it". She also wrote, "During our fights, I was beaten by my husband, I heard all kinds of bad words, I was scared. Even if I lived like an invisible person in the basement for four months, I endured it but after I was forcibly kicked out, I started to crumble". The event where she was forcibly taken onto a private ambulance and was kicked out of her home, it occurred right before Lee Mi Ran's death on August 2016. Their children called the private ambulance and forcibly sent Lee Mi Ran to her family's home. During this process, Lee Mi Ran strongly resisted and she was recording the situation but her children took away her phone and threw her phone into the toilet. 

Lee Mi Ran's family sued Lee Mi Ran and Bang Yong Hoon's children. The police said that since her children hurt their mother, they were charged with continuous injury and forwarded the case to prosecution. But prosecution indicted the children with coercion instead. Because of this, people are pointing out whether this was a case of the prosecution letting them off the hook. Last January, the court sentenced each child 8 months in prison and 2 years of probation. 

At the trial, the children said, "At the time, she was depressed and she attempted suicide, we thought the best option to prevent our mother's suicide is to let her rest at her mother's home instead of having her live by herself in the basement." But the justice department judged that it's an act that's not socially acceptable. When looking at medical documents, it's hard to say that Lee Mi Ran was depressed to the point where she would attempt suicide. They judged that the children calling a private ambulance and kicking their mother out led to the extreme mental condition.   

CEO Bang said, "I still don't know why I'm going through this. You need to know something before saying it. My wife died, their aunt is suing, is this common sense? The grandma is suing the children, why are you not looking into that? Let me say this one thing, I only want to talk to people. Do you not understand if you judge that situation." 

Here's more about the case: 1 - The son and CEO Bang were filmed on CCTV banging on Lee Mi Ran's sister's home with stones and an ice axe (Korea Times), 2 - Korea Herald's article

Also, the Bang Family is extremely wealthy. Bang Yong Hoon owns Koreana Hotel while his brother owns Chosun Ilbo - one of the biggest newspaper companies in South Korea. 

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