Thursday, March 28, 2019

[Article Translation] A national petition requesting a middle schooler gets punished for killing two dogs with poison trends

(t/w: Before you click the link for the original article, I wanted to let y'all know that there's a graphic photo included in the article and it's at the way top of it. It's a picture of the dog while dying. I was caught off guard and it made me feel uncomfortable so I just wanted to inform y'all)

A national petition that's requesting for the punishment of a middle school girl has come up after she poisoned her neighbor's two golden retrievers by feeding them sandwiches that had poison in it. 

On the 23rd, a post with the title: "In Dae Jeon, a middle schooler put poison inside a sandwich and poisoned two golden retrievers just out of 'curiosity'". The petition is asking strengthen the punishment of minors. The petitioner then said, "We're in the state where we have a phone recording of the middle schooler confessing to the crime and there's witnesses. The middle schooler told her parents that the victim (dog owner) hit her (the middle schooler) and threatened her so she gave a false confession."

The petitioner then added, "After animals, it'll be a human. The middle schooler will get a slap on their wrist because they're a minor and if we don't strengthen animal protection laws then next it can be your family, your significant other, or your friend."

The victim came to raise the retrievers Hoya and Maknae after taking them in as abandoned dogs. The victim posted a video of the dogs' sudden death on Instagram - in the video, it shows Maknae in pain and the dog breathing their last breath. 

The victim asked the middle schooler, who lives in front of her, "You know my Hoya and Maknae, right?" and said the middle schooler responded by saying she killed the dogs by feeding them hamburgers. The victim alleges, "I went to asked the middle schooler but she lied and said she didn't kill them. I got mad and because I yelled, the girl nonchalantly said, "It wasn't a hamburger but the sandwich from school". The middle schooler told her parents that I hit her and threatened her so she lied. Eventually, the middle schooler's father sued me. After I went to them, the middle schooler's mother started cussing at me and showed rude behavior."

The victim says that the middle schooler's parents farm and that the middle schooler took the poison and put the poison in the sandwich and gave it to the dogs. She then added, "The veterinarian who saw the video of Maknae said the dog's behavior is of a dog when they eat poison and that it's painful."

As the petition caught attention, the victim said, "Please don't dig into the middle schooler's personal information, this is my opinion as a mother." She then added, "The middle schooler seems to be fascinated by things like occult and free mason."

The Dae Jeon Police who's handling the case said, "Because it's a case that's currently being investigated, there aren't any charges yet."

1. [+4469, -53] The next target is a young child. The characteristic of a psychopath is: first, they kill an animal, they'll take a break for a certain amount of time, and then they'll move onto murdering a person because they want a bigger stimulation. Yoo Young Chul and Kang Ho Soon all went through the process of abusing animals and transforming into serial killers. Male psychopaths use violence but because females are weak, they use poison or insurance fraud. You're asking us not to dig into her personal details? Because she's a psychopath, we for sure have to reveal her and thoroughly isolate her from society. The things that are the middle schooler's parents are seeing it and absolutely don't know how to control a psychopath.

2. [+2097, -19] If the petitioner is telling the truth then that girl is a psychopath. You know that Incheon elementary school murder case right? If more time passes, that middle schooler is going to now kill a person. (t/n: I'm pretty sure the other case this commenter is talking about is this one - Korea Herald)    

3. [+1242, -18] She's young but she can even become a potential murderer... First, they need to punish her and they need to leave record so that another person doesn't become a victim.

4. [+807, -14] The common thing of all serial killers is that they killed animals!!!

Don't fucking mess with animals!!!