Friday, March 29, 2019

[Article Translation] Yoon Ji Oh opens up about her story and her final moment with Jang Ja Yeon on 'Feast on the Road'

On the episode of 'Feast on the Road' that aired on the 29th, Yoon Ji Oh - a witness to the Jang Ja Yeon case and the only person who gave a testimony, made an appearance on the show. On this day, Yoon Ji Oh said of Jang Ja Yeon, "She's a person who'll make you smile when you think of them. She's bright. I've never seen her speaking ill of someone. The only rookies in our entertainment agency was me and unni. Her parents passed away and because my parents weren't living in Korea, we had a connection that doesn't need to be expressed. It was also lonely. I was also immature so I learned a lot from unni." 

She also recalled the horrible drinking parties she had to go with Jang Ja Yeon. They were coerced into attending the drinking parties. Yoon Ji Oh said, "They kept pressuring us to go to the drinking parties". She added, "We always went together almost as if we were a set. But because I had a mom, I would leave the drinking parties before 9. Because unni's personality is like that she didn't tell me what happened. I also didn't ask. The thing I want to say for the first time here is that unni can't drink well. It wasn't actions that she would've done when she's drunk. When I think about what happened then, I feel like she didn't drink alcohol and something was in it (t/n: she's saying that she thinks her drink was spiked). Rather than it being drunk actions, she couldn't keep her body steady. She was also inarticulate. I thought she was behaving like that because she can't drink well/had a low tolerance". 

After Yoon Ji Oh exposed the Jang Ja Yeon case, she gave up on an average life for 10 years. Her hands also trembled as she recalled her experience with being followed, "I had someone following me. I also know who it was that was following me. Their company name was on the car. They would follow me even when I would move around in a police car. Even when I ignored the traffic lights like a chase they would still follow me. When the police stopped them asked why they were following, they said they were gathering news. They said they're gathering news but they're not writing articles." 

She also revealed that although her family lives in a house, they have a security camera in their hallway because they're anxious. She said she feels sorry towards her family and that her family moved multiple times in Canada. 

Yoon Ji Oh also specifically revealed that she's not suicidal, "I have no thoughts of suicide at all so I keep saying that if I die that it's never suicide. Even yesterday, I went to the hospital and received an examination that said I'm not suicidal, I received confirmation that my will to live is strong."

Yoon Ji Oh then talked about her final moment with Jang Ja Yeon, "Unni said that she wanted to talk to me. That was the last time. It seemed like she wanted to tell me something. The former manager said, "Ji Oh-yah, call me as soon as you see this message", I called to see what was wrong and he said, "Don't be surprised and listen". My heart was racing. I sinked down to the floor and cried so much. I went to the funeral right away and stayed there."

Yoon Ji Oh revealed why she had the courage to come out, "I hope the perpetrators live with a guilty conscience. Aren't you secretly uncomfortable when you see me. My only weapon is myself."

1. [+4224, -14] I'm supporting you

2. [+2282, -9] Stay strong. They're probably trembling in front of the truth. I'm hoping once again that the criminals will receive their punishment no matter what. 

3. [+1434, -11] It's amazing courage. I'll support you

4. [+765, -10] Stay strong and there'll definitely be good results

5. [+680, -13] It must be hard but keep your heart and mind strong, forget about it a bit when you rest and try to have a comfortable heart and mind.