Saturday, March 2, 2019

Happy Together asks Park Yoo Na about her co-stars' relationship

1. [+1677, -71] No but why are you inviting Park Yoo Na to the show and then asking her about her co-stars' relationship? It's not like she's directly involved and it's not as if she had an appearance set for 'Radio Star' and the dating news blew up by chance  

2. [+1219, -18] (t/n: The person commented that if you upvote their comment, your 2019 will be filled with luck)

3. [+1064, -71] She has Kim Ah Joong vibes.... She's so fucking pretty

4. [+519, -42] Park Yoo Na is really pretty...

5. [+282, -18] I think right now is a really important time for Jeon So Min. She properly gained a character in variety shows and during this period when she's on a roll, I think it'll be good if one of her dramas does well