Thursday, March 28, 2019

Park Hyuk Kwon and Cho Soo Hyang reportedly in a relationship

Original Source (Ilgan Sports via Naver): Park Hyuk Kwon · Cho Soo Hyang dating…Birth of an actors couple

t/n: He's 48 and she's 28. 

1. [+7118, -190] Her parents must be flabbergasted

2. [+3103, -147] She's basically his daughter...

3. [1336, -100] Hul.... He's her dad's age

4. [+1507, -299] Is the actor in his right mind, he's dating someone who can be his daughter

5. [+823, -77] Isn't he her parents' age...

6. [+506, -22] I'm thinking about the time when a middle school girl said she's a fan of actor Kim Yoon Seok and that she likes him and Kim Yoon Seok told her to change her preference ㅋㅋ He said that he has a daughter and when he sees things like that, he gets worried ㅋㅋ