Monday, March 25, 2019

[SPOILERS!!!][Doctor Prisoner Roundup] Episode 3 + 4

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Original Source (OSEN via Naver): "The new king in this area" 'Doctor Prisoner' Namgoong Min vs. Kim Byung Chul, breathtaking showdown

Nationwide ratings for the episodes that aired on March 21 (cr. Naver TV- They air two episodes per day:
  • Episode 3 - 12.2%
  • Episode 4 - 14.1%
1. [+831, -24] Namgoong Min vs. Kim Byung Chul, tense power struggle - breathtaking showdown.. Are they allowed to be this fun, it's so fun - I feel like a genius who knows everything

2. [+709, -14] Who knew KBS would make a drama like this, it's surprising - it's fun

3. [+596, -16] Namgoong Min is Namgoong Min but I feel like Pa Gook-ssi Kim Byung Chul is also a genuine actor who's face changes depending on the role... On the usual days, when he's not acting, he seems cute but when they say "Action!", he's an actor-like actor who completely changes ㅋ

4. [+473, -9] Is this really a KBS drama ㄷㄷ For a public broadcast drama, the plot development is insane... It also kinda feels like a drama Ji Sung did for another channel... Anyways, it's fun 

5. [+247, -11] SKY Prisoner is so freaking fun ㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷ

Original Source (OSEN via Naver): 'Doctor Prisoner' Namgoong Min to Park Eun Seok, who's life is in danger, "Try to beg for me to save your life"

1. [+561, -13] A drama with no acting holes ㅎㄷㄷ Park Eun Seok blew up from the first episode, there's nothing to say about Namgoong Min and Kim Byung Chul and Choi Won Young's charisma is no joke 

2. [+394, -16] The breathtaking plot development is honestly insane, I can't believe it's a KBS drama 

3. [+231, -12] Wow~ I feel like I'm watching a movie, the acting is daebak, the scale is daebak.. Good Goong Min~!! ^^

4. [+211, -7] Wow... Choi Won Young's heavy charisma is awesome.....

5. [+204, -15] Seriously, it's the birth of KBS's best drama ㄷㄷ Everyone's acting is blowing up