Monday, April 1, 2019

[Baek Jong Won's Alley Restaurant Roundup] 12th Alley (Part 1-5) + Jo Bo Ah makes her final appearance as the show's MC

Nationwide ratings for episode 55 that aired on February 27: 8.0% (cr. Naver TV)

1. [+1892, -200] The grandma who makes the barley rice and pollack. Come out on the episodes for the Kyungsang region. Why did you submit an application to appear on SBS? Baek Jong Won didn't speak ill of the area but you might have an inferiority complex and said things like in this area we do this and that - *sigh* you really seem like a little kid 

2. [+1466, -60] The pollack restaurant ahjumma.. There aren't a lot of differences just because it's the taste of people from neighboring areas. People in the lower neighboring areas also like tasty food and don't like food that isn't tasty. You're not getting business because you're concluding that your taste is the taste for everyone in the lower region   

3. [+897, -55] The barley rice boss said that people in that area like food like that every time she said something - it was really annoying, she also said that people in that area like seaweed that's fishy, she must think we're idiots

4. [+906, -66] They should've put desperate people on the show - with those ahjummas, I don't see any desire or their will to do something  

5. [+792, -43] The barley rice restaurant owner angered people from the lower neighboring areas and decided to give a bias to the upper neighboring areas 

6. [+321, -9] But it seems like the production team tried to edit their preview wickedly.. The owners definitely have problems but the preview was too provocative... When I watched last week, I thought that this episode was going to be tough but when you actually watch it, it's a bit cute;; When he told them that the bean paste stew tastes weird, they switched out the bean paste right away.. 

Nationwide ratings for episode 56 that aired on March 6: 7.1% (cr. Naver TV) 

1. [+1054, -87] The owner is cute, stop leaving hate comments 

2. [+811, -81] The thing that's a bit disappointing about the taste evaluation this time is... When you look at the show closely, it was around XX:45 or XX:50 (t/n: that's the time LOL sorry if it's confusing) when the owner brought out the steamed pollack and afterwards, the taste testers entered at least 40 minutes afterwards and if you nitpick about how they waited and ate then that means they ate the pollack at least an hour afterwards... Normally for food, the sweetness drops when the temperature drops and in reverse, the bitter taste gets stronger. The owner wasn't taking sides but if the tasting was done with the freshly prepared food then I wonder if it would've been more accurate than the taste evaluation and a bit better. 

3. [+580, -23] Although they all talk hard, they're all tsunderes.. They're cute ㅎㅎ

4. [+372, -21] But to be honest, I felt bad for the steamed pollack restaurant owner, she did it for 14 years and persisted that the people in the lower neighboring area has different tastes but because people said it tastes bitter and it doesn't taste sweet, I feel like she must feel hurt but still I really like how she didn't make it obvious and she smiled

5. [+355, -21] But still it seems like she has really good cooking skills from just watching 

Nationwide ratings for episode 57 that aired on March 13: 7.5% (cr. Naver TV) 

1. [+643, -39] I really want the steamed pollack restaurant owner to do well. During last week's episode and the first episode, there were people who were leaving hate comments saying that she's being stubborn and that she's only giving excuses and doesn't deserve the solution - of course, it's not easy to change habits but why do they have to shit on people that much... Aren't receiving the solution so that they can change? Because villains came out a couple of times, do you have to shit on one store owner of one alley to feel refreshed? She has enough skills and she's thankful towards the staff and Baek Jong Won but... Let's give her a bit of support. It was really sad to seeing her becoming intimidated. I really hope she succeeds!!!

2. [+349, -16] The steamed pollack restaurant owner cried saying she's really grateful for this opportunity, I choked up - I hope she ends up well..

3. [+167, -4] I want to eat the hijiki kimbap

4. [+104, -1] During the previews for the first episode, they were meaninglessly dragging it on but after watching it, the owners are all cute and funny 

5. [+98, -5] This episode was funny 

Nationwide ratings for episode 58 that aired on March 20: 7.5% (cr. Naver TV) 

1. [+1363, -26] It's true that they raised all the prices but 5000 won for choongmoo kimbap is really too much, it's not like she's using highest quality ingredients.. (t/n: compared to regular kimbap, choongmoo kimbap is really thin and usually it's only just filled with vegetables so selling it for $4-5 is kinda overpriced)

2. [+1151, -13] It's true that prices were raised but the choongmoo kimbap restaurant owner is really stubborn and she's really greedy - when you watch from the first episode, she was really shy and she seemed like a model student who worked hard but because it's reaching the last episode, I can tell what kind of intentions she had when coming out on the show so it's a bit so-so 

3. [+1093, -9] The business owner couple's mindset is already filled with greed. The answer is to not go to that restaurant

4. [+731, -10] I feel like it's better to not go to that restaurant... They didn't properly receive the solution... Why did they say not to give them the noodle recipe;;

5. [+616, -3] In this show, if you don't have greed towards the food but have a lot of greed towards money then they flop

Nationwide ratings for episode 59 that aired on March 27: 7.0% (cr. Naver TV) 

1. [+1323, -30] The hijiki kimbap is too cheap and the geojae kimbap is too ridiculously overpriced, I think they need to switch prices~ And the geojae kimbap ahjumma was caught reducing the seaweed but said it's because she ran out of rice ㅋㅋ Who are you trying to deceive you greedy ahjumma

2. [+823, -9] I feel like the choongmoo kimbap restaurant is going to raise their prices to 6500 won after a month ㅋㅋ

3. [+795, -12] Choongmoo kimbap restaurant ahjumma, let go a bit of your greed. At the end, you even put a little bit of rice, there isn't a part without excuses.

4. [+678, -21] Jo Bo Ah, thank you for your hard work

5. [+490, -16] Jo Bo Ah, you worked really hard!! ^^ and the choongmoo kimbap restaurant owner ㅜㅜ when Baek Jong Won said to put more seaweed, it seemed like you were scowling ㅜㅜ

1. [+393, -16] When Jo Bo Ah was put in, I initially wondered if she would do a good job but.. now that she's leaving, I'm so sad. It was more fun because Jo Bo Ah was there... Don't leave~~

2. [+251, -13] Through 'Alley Restaurant' everyone learned that Jo Bo Ah has a kind heart and I feel like Jung In Sun will also hit daebak here!!      

3. [+68, -2] At first, it seemed like they were going to have a guest every week but Jo Bo Ah did well so she became a fixed cast member and why is Jung In Sun a rookie ; she's so much more of a sunbae than Jo Bo Ah

4. [+69, -8] But why is she leaving??