Wednesday, April 3, 2019

[Baek Jong Won's Alley Restaurant Roundup] 13th Alley (Part 1) + Jung In Sun makes her first appearance as the new MC

Nationwide ratings for episode 60 that aired on April 3: 6.7% (cr. Naver TV)

1. [+1289, -25] Baek Jong Won can criticize your food but Jung In Sun can't??? Baek Jong Won is eating it from an expert's perspective and Jung In Sun is kinda eating it from a non-specialist, a customer's perspective but ridiculing Jung In Sun here is going to be them ridiculing their customers....

2. [+655, -27] That gopchang restaurant ahjumma really has a lot to say

3. [+614, -16] "Wow"? "Chi"? (t/n: in this situation, this was kinda like a scoffing tone) Owner-nim, you came out to receive a solution/consultation right? 

4. [+396, -24] The gopchang restaurant ahjumma is totally unlikeable. She really has a lot to say

5. [+331, -14] Don't help them. If you criticize something.... then they get in a bad mood...

1. [+660비공감33] Jung In Sun wasn't bad. If Jo Bo Ah's like an angel-like nuna then Jung In Sun feels like a nuna that says necessary things ㅎㅎ Jung In Sun has a better TV sense 

2. [+388, -10] Is the gopchang restaurant ahjumma cocky? Or has no manners? With Jung In Sun's food review, she snorted and she ridiculed her by saying ("Wow she's adding insult to the injury?") ㅋ Ahjumma, why exactly did you come out? She's a hella rude type, she's annoying.. It suddenly came all out ㅋ
↪ [+79, -0] I could tell that she was treating her roughly because she's a not that popular, young female celebrity.

3. [+378, -3] 'Alley Restaurant' is about trying to save local businesses that are dying so they give honest reviews and Baek Jong Won gives them a solution that's right for them so it's right to be straightforward

4. [+210, -4] I was wondering if you would even go because the gopchang restaurant owner is scary..