Friday, April 5, 2019

People are moved by the firefighters' selfless actions as they head towards the wildfires

(t/n: those are all lines of fire trucks heading towards the fires)

1. [+3507, -29] A while ago, I saw 10 fire trucks heading towards Choong Nam on the freeway. These were fire trucks returning to Choong Nam after putting out the fires in Gangwon-do. Thank you so much~ You all are genuine heroes.

2. [+1773, -20] Those two groups of firefighters near the gas station are doing that while putting their lives on the line… They’re really honorable and thank you

3. [+1556, -118] Isn’t it obvious that fire officials are national positions. If you look at the risk, it’s a lot more dangerous than police officers

4. [+1326, -12] People who work while putting their lives at risk, their income is small and they need better treatment but the dog politicians who don’t even do work, only take advantage for their own needs and do all disgusting things - it’s pathetic that their income is the highest in our country. Lower the tax payer zombies annual expenses and improve the treatment for people who work in difficult conditions

5. [+941, -19] I support firefighters switching over to national positions~ ^^