Thursday, April 4, 2019

[SPOILERS!!!][Doctor Prisoner Roundup] Episode 9 - 12

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Nationwide ratings for the episodes that aired on April 3 (cr. Naver TV- They air two episodes per day:
  • Episode 11 - 13.2%
  • Episode 12 - 15.4%
1. [+916, -14] Choi Won Young doesn't have a lot of screen time to the point where it passes by shortly but every time he comes out, he brings out an odd atmosphere, it weirdly stays in your memory... Anyways, I quite like the male actors' acting

2. [+408, -12] Lee Joo Seung was awesome at the end;; He seemed like a person who can hear ghosts, I think we need to call an exorcist...

3. [+289, -14] So freaking fun~~~~~~~

4. [+215, -12] Time flies by! The immersion is also no joke!

5. [+216, -15] It seems like Seo Min Seok is involved in Na Yi Jae's mom's death - the final objective is Seo Min Seok!!!

6. [+145, -15] Everything is good but every time Han So Geum comes out, the flow cuts off!!! Are you reading a language book? During 'Suspicious Partner', it was okay watching but what's with her this time!! What did you do while not practicing acting? If you're going to be bad like this then don't do it~ Hye Ri, Nara, Lee Yeon Hee - people like this, please take a bit of a rest from acting~ Just do variety shows~ Or give them roles that are less important~ It's honestly annoying!!           

Nationwide ratings for the episodes that aired on April 4 (cr. Naver TV- They air two episodes per day:
  • Episode 11 - 13.3%
  • Episode 12 - 14.6%
1. [+2063, -31] Seriously, give Namgoong Min a daesang.. It's hard to change your image but every time Namgoong does a project, his image and title changes.. Where's an actor like this? ㅠㅠ He's seriously really good at acting.. 

2. [+1321, -25] Na Yi Jae's plan was awesome... His skill at using his brain is daebak ㅋ The actors' acting is good and because the plot development is good, one hour flies by ㅋ 

3. [+489, -26] Namgoong Min's charisma ㄷㄷㄷㄷ

4. [+432, -12] Give Choi Won Young more screen time, a person who acts that well only comes out little by little in the middle - Kwon Nara, let's practice acting a bit more... The flow keeps breaking in the middle... 

5. [+409, -19] One hour flies by... I was busy watching it, that I couldn't eat a single piece of the chicken I ordered. 

6. [+287, -13] When the wife with disabilities passed away, it probably wasn't easy for him to act while almost crying, "Pass me the scalpel, the scalpel!" but he wonderfully delivered it. In the script, it probably tells him to shout out for the scalpel while being close to tears but the emotions and eye gaze there.. I really saw Namgoong Min differently, I feel like he's on Kim Myung Min's level... 

7. [+246, -13] I think it'll be a lot better if Kwon Nara and Lee Min Young switched roles