Friday, April 17, 2020

Actress Jung Eun Chae and singer Jung Joon Il's alleged extramarital affair comes back into the spotlight

t/n: On the 17th, WikiTree reported, "We have acquired evidence that Jung Eun Chae and Jung Joon Il were in an extramarital affair in the past." According to past reports, Jung Joon Il began dating his ex-wife A in 2006. Later on, A found out that Jung Joon Il was dating another woman from late 2009 to mid-2010 while he was dating A. A suggested that they break up and Jung Joon Il promised to never cheat again and the two married in November 2010 (t/n: why would you do that sis). However, even after they registered their marriage, Jung Joon Il continued to have an affair and asked A for a divorce.

In this report, it was revealed that the adulteress A was mentioning was Jung Eun Chae. However, Jung Eun Chae was a victim. Jung Eun Chae apparently didn't know that he was a married man because Jung Joon Il would pretend to be unmarried.  

1. [+2951 / -52] It's always an affair.. Didn't she have another affair incident with a Japanese actor....

2. [+2260 / -51] Hul he's the worst disgusting bastard, he toyed with both women ㄷㄷ

3. [+2190 / -28] Wow... Jung Joon Il.... I liked his songs but he was a bastard.... You can't see through a person's mind, how can he do that....

4. [+398 / -4] Jung Joon Il had an affair with Jung Eun Chae. After Jung Joon Il, Jung Eun Chae was involved in another affair with Japanese actor Kase Ryo. Jung Eun Chae's stylist = Kim C's girlfriend. But Kim C was also in an extramarital relationship with that girlfriend (he's now divorced). But that stylist's (Kim C's girlfriend) best friend is Kim Min Hee. Kim Min Hee was in an affair with Hong Sang Soo.. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+304 / -7] She's known for affairs ㅋㅋ She must be crazy for married men

6. [+260 / -4] How is it that this woman is more known for affairs than her work (t/n: drama/movies). She's under fire again this time for an affair *tsk tsk* 

t/n: Jung Joon Il's agency reps told MyDaily on the 17th, "It happened 10 years ago and because it's his private life, we can't verify it." But regarding the part where it was reported that Jung Joon Il pretended to be a bachelor to Jung Eun Chae, his reps said, "Articles have been published where it's reporting that Jung Eun Chae wasn't aware that Jung Joon Il was married. We want to clear up that that is not true. Jung Eun Chae was aware that Jung Joon Il was a married man. Jung Joon Il didn't trick her." Jung Eun Chae's agency KeyEast is avoiding calls from reporters.

In 2013, Jung Eun Chae was involved in another rumor about affairs with Japanese actor Kase Ryo - so the attention from netizens have been even more harsh. Japanese weekly magazine Friday reported that Kase Ryo and Jung Eun Chae were staying at a hotel and enjoyed a date together. Her agency at the time strongly denied the reports and said, "Her close friend in Japan gave birth to a child so she went to go visit and went as a trip. There was no companion. While filming director Hong Sang Soo's movie, she got close to Kase Ryo and he acted as her guide."

1. [+1891 / -33] Hul... Why does this actress have so many scandals?

2. [+1662 / -14] There's been a lot of rumors about Jung Joon Il since the past so I thought he was gross but seeing how he comes out on TV singing all sorts of sweet songs is....

3. [+1558 / -28] You're going to get married later on, you should go ahead and experience this too (t/n: being cheated on)

4. [+262 / -5] Jung Joon Il is really the worst. When he got divorced from his ex-wife, he lied that his ex-wife was obsessive and made people shit on his ex-wife and even now, he's throwing Jung Eun Chae under the bus so that he can survive just a bit more than her ㅋ When his ex-wife released a statement at that time, she said that Jung Eun Chae didn't know that he was a married man and that they broke up because his unfaithfulness* was severe (t/n: *the original word is '여성편력' but I'm not quite sure what the word is in English but it's when the guy is constantly going around to sleep with other women, like he can't keep his dick in his pants LOL). He's an icon for being irresponsible in various ways. The fact that he had an affair when he was married is a mistake on its own but he must've thought that if the other person knew that he was a married man then it's less his fault ㅋ The fact that a married man had an affair itself is already the worst.

5. [+186 / -13] Is she a married man killer?? She must not be popular amongst unmarried men ㅋㅋ

6. [+182 / -2] Is her type married men... Her type of man is set in other countries too ㅋ Anyways, there's that couple from 'Save me! Homes' and these people, why are real examples of 'The World of the Married' causing so much trouble? ㅡㅡ (t/n: For 'Save Me! Homes'/'구해줘! 홈즈', it's a show where celebrities find homes for regular people looking to move. After the trailer for next week's episode came out, it spread online that the newlywed couple the show was featuring is actually an extramarital affair who apparently left his kid and wife. I'm going to publish a post about this later tonight!) 

Literally every time articles of Jung Eun Chae would trend, the top comments would be about her alleged affairs with Jung Joon Il and Kase Ryo....
If this is true.... they're scummy human beings