Monday, October 18, 2021

Despite claims of actor Kim Seon Ho supposedly being the "popular actor K" in the trending Nate Pann post, his reps continue to remain silent

Image Credit: HankyungDB, Nate Pann

1. [+4420 / -405] Looks like he's going to be paying a lot in contract penalty fees. He became popular after appearing in 'Hometown Cha Cha Cha' with Shin Min Ah but he's falling in an instant... Seon Ho, bye bye

2. [+4433 / -877] Remain neutral until clear results come out. If you look at people like AOA's Kwon Min Ah, Goo Hye Sun - the exposers were crazy. You have to hear both sides. After looking at the Nate Pann post, there's only a text post with no evidence. What are you trusting while coming to a conclusion?
ㄴ [+120 / -38] Kwon Min Ah told the truth
ㄴ [+503 / -9] They were crazy but wasn't all of it fact? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+2178 / -180] If it's a romantic relationship then they should like each other the same. It wasn't even a relationship with a power dynamic, they were equals but one person's body was ruined after getting surgery and their mental health declined. The other person made their image into a very good and kind-hearted image, they smile and come out in commercials here and there, dramas here and there and are economically active and shopping designer goods but of course, the other person would get upset 

4. [+1890 / -64] People who plan on becoming celebrities should really live nicely. It's a world where everything will be exposed.. Scary people.. 

5. [+1659 / -172] As expected, I don't have an eye for men ㅜㅜㅜㅜ I loved you, Seon Ho. Farewell

6. [+1410 / -29] There are a lot of people who haven't come to their senses... In the advertising industry, if they turn their backs/cut ties even before an official conclusion is made, it means that it's already official. That industry is hella small so it already means that the people at top have made their conclusions. Come to your senses. Think of the possibility of them breaking a contract one-sidedly when it came together as a contractual relationship and then think about what you're shielding 

7. [+1173 / -52] Did everyone read the original post.. There were some people saying that this is possible when men and women date but the main point of the post was that the actor told the girl all sorts of lies and demanded her to get an ab*rti*n (amongst the lies was that they'll for sure get married in two years). Even when she went to get the ab*rti*n, he didn't go with her but sent his hoobae (junior) to go with the girl.. and after she got the ab*rti*n, he said that he wants to date someone else and broke up ㅇㅇ From the woman's perspective, it's understandable for her to expose this

8. [+956 / -25] Seon Ho, be thankful to your ex-girlfriend.. that she didn't reveal this during the middle of your drama.. the amount of financial damages you'll need to compensate decreased..... 

9. [+933 / -77] *sigh* Seon Ho ㅠㅠ please say it ain't so... 

10. [+809 / -51] The woman is nice.. she exposed it after the drama came to an end.. his agency must be silent because it's true.. You can tell his personality, he's so fake 
ㄴ [+57 / -28] I'm sure she was holding out until the drama ended because his value would've gone up 
ㄴ [+189 / -1] I also think she uploaded it on the day the drama ended because she didn't want to create an inconvenience for the other actors and crew 
ㄴ [+30 / -0] Whether it was uploaded before or after the drama ended, he was already popular. If she released it after the drama ended, that was nice of her     

Image Credit: Naver News

1. [+3744 / -46] In the middle of all this, Domino's pulled down all their Instagram posts that had photos of Kim Seon Ho... Their speed of cutting ties is faster than the speed of their pizzas coming out ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
ㄴ [+149 / -1] This is why they use AI has brand models, you can't trust celebrities. AI models don't cause issues and they're cheaper, they're a better option

2. [+1796 / -121] He can have a girlfriend but that's different from making her get an ab*rti*n and abandoning her. The woman is nice, she blew it up after his drama ended. I'm no longer going to watch the things he comes out in

3. [+1721 / -57] If it's really about that actor then it'll really be shocking.. I really liked him after watching this drama ㅠㅠ What's with 1N2D.. is there a curse.. 

4. [+1249 / -154] (t/n: this comment is basically political but they're saying that a person has a long career if they're an actor who is humane, has manners, and the general public prefers them... If they're an actor who has inhumane manners and is only cool onscreen, the general public won't prefer them. They mention how it hasn't just been one or two people whose career flopped due to how they behaved in their romantic relationships... They then talk about Lee Jae Myung, a presidential candidate, who's under scrutiny because of allegedly being involved with the mafia and for having an affair with actress Kim Boo Sun)

4. [+737 / -50] Why is there always a fuss when someone comes out in 1N2D ㅋㅋ Is it a jinxed show? 

5. [+609 / -56] This makes me think of Oh Ji Ho. His ex-girlfriend (who worked as a bar hostess) committed suicide after he broke up with her after he became popular. But this bastard is even worse than that bastard (Oh Ji Ho) because he urged her to get an ab*rti*n. Ma'am, please don't have bad thoughts and reveal the truth until the end. You must get bad people like this to be judged by the law and kick them out of the entertainment industry. 

6. [+456 / -7] I once again came to the realization that a celebrity's image isn't their true self.

The Nate Pann post about a popular actor K has been trending since yesterday and people have been wondering who the actor the OP is referring to.
I tweeted a few things about it yesterday such as a YTer who used to be a reporter openly associating KSH with being the actor K in the post.
After the YTer openly said that in their livestream, articles started coming out where KSH was associated with the post.
His agency (SALT Entertainment) still hasn't released a statement regarding all this.