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[SPOILERS!!!][The Miracle We Met Roundup] Episode 18 (finale)

1. [+3172, -77] I thought the ending would only focus on one Song Hyun Chul and to be honest, I didn't like the fact that the other person would become unhappy so that's why I really like an ending like this. You all suffered - Kim Myung Min, Kim Hyun Joo, Ra Mi Ran, Kai, Ko Chang Suk, Kim Hwan Hee and everyone else, I'm going to miss you 

2. [+1489, -357] To be honest, who hella laughed at today's dance scene? 
↪ [+305, -2] I thought it was 'The La La Land We Met' 
↪ [+285, -10] It was hella out of nowhere but they dance well
↪ [+137, -9] Kai is really good at dancing. But writer-yah, that was really out of nowhere/random ㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+1033, -57] There was a lot of talk and a lot of faults but to the writer who worked hard to end the drama on a high note, to the actors who showed us good acting, and to the staff/crew - thank you for your hard work~ I wondered if I had to watch the scene where Song Hyun Chul ceased to exist, my heart was anxious and even though I'm terminally ill - thank you for wrapping it up warmly. ~ I'll always live life with a grateful heart as if I met a miracle~~

4. [+768, -60] Song Hyun Chul and Sun Hye Jin who changed~ it was lovely... It was a controversial drama but it was the best choice!!

5. [+584, -44] To all the actors and staff/crew, you all worked hard. Watching the last half of the drama was frustrating but it was enjoyable because of the actors' excellent acting. Although Kim Myung Min is always amazing, I'm in awe with Ra Mi Ran who acted so well with her role as Yeon Hwa. I really like it because you showed new acting like a diamond that radiates a new light.  

1. [+413, -16] In the end, Yeon Hwa's death was the big picture and I see Song Hyun Chul's final decision as the best he could make... I watched until the end because of the actors' acting

2. [+207, -14] Kim Myung Min is good at acting as always, I also like Kim Hyun Joo's delicate emotions and facial expression acting, I keep watching it. This couple's cehmistry is too good for it to end it here, I really like it 

3. [+208, -67] I don't need anything else, they were trying to deceive viewers with the dancing scene right? 

4. [+114, -17] I enjoyed watching it~ The ending was cool. Kim Myung Min's high quality acting is the best~~ 

At least everyone got a happy ending...
But where did the department store/market CEO go?
He just went MIA for the past like three episodes LOLOL


Monday, May 28, 2018

[SPOILERS!!!][Miss Hammurabi Roundup] Episode 3

1. [+2030, -37] Seriously this drama is the best.. I'll for sure buy the judge-nim's book and read it (t/n: the writer of this drama is a real judge)

2. [+1544, -21] Seriously, the last scene showed us that even if the laws and courts protect us, I feel like they're trying to tell us that even a woman who's good at sports can feel like they're in danger because of men, it was really upsetting

3. [+1415, -13] I can't forget the last scene, even a character who comes out in the drama as a strong woman who's a black belt holder, she was surrounded by men and encountered a struggle so she had to join a group drunk ahjussis to escape because she had no other choice because she was powerless as a woman, there was a line that said the laws will protect us but right after that line, this scene came out, I think it properly reflected real life

4. [+1321, -18] It was really refreshing so I liked it but at the end, when the men cursed at her and she had to borrow the strength of others to escape that situation because she had no other choice, the woman's sense of humiliation was really realistic so I almost cried. That woman is a person who's learning a sport and a strong woman but still, she's no match for a man. It's perplexing. 

5. [+397, -9] That last scene seriously ㅜㅜ

1. [+1433, -19] I hope people will watch this and stop underestimating the sexual harassment women experience. Women aren't always the only victims but I hope some men who aren't empathetic feel something after watching this. 

2. [+657, -17] Do you know why mirroring comes out? It's because with mirroring, you experience the exact same thing so that's the only way you'll understand. You're not even a preschooler but would only understand through mirroring... Problems like that are prevalent for women in scoiety. If you aren't going to speak up and say issues like that need to disappear, it's better for you to just shut up. Don't mindlessly open your trap, if there are men like that, please use your strength for issues like that and don't try to ignore women 

3. [+633, -6] The fact that a male writer wrote this bb (t/n: bb is like a thumbs up)

4. [+370, -6] I hope men would watch this drama and at least feel and sympathize a bit. They say that you can't mirror the original so we're more sad and suffering more and we live in a world that's filled with resentment... we're not expecting you to understand perfectly. But I hope you at least really feel something. 

5. [+282, -7] 'Miss Hammurabi' is so good, it really feels like you're watching a court dispute, it handles a lot of the recent issues and the actors' acting is good too, be successful     

NOTE: To the reader who always reposts my drama translations on OH, can you properly credit me. I've noticed that other users of that forum repost translations by doing: "[Blog Name] Post Title", but I see that whenever my drama translations get reposted, you don't do that and just put a small hyperlinked "cr" at the bottom. Properly crediting people's work is important and it's a bit off-putting to see that other blogs' posts get proper credits in the post titles but mine never does... I hope you would do that, if not - you can just stop reposting the drama translations. 


Fans request YG Entertainment to remove former member Go Ji Yong from Sechskie's profile

NOTE: You can read about the fans' requests here - X (cr: Soompi) 
I don't know if him using the fans' money to pay for his part-time workers was proven to be true. 

1. [+2843, -30] Why is the person who does everything except Sechskies trying to have Sechskies as a part of their profile?? 

2. [+2581, -65] I'm requesting you to promptly clean up the Sechskies profile 

3. [+1343, -38] Is it true that Go Ji Yong paid his company's part-time workers with the money he got from Sechskies fans?

4. [+1263, -28] I did think it was weird when I saw TV and Instagram... So these things were going on.. Go Ji Yong-ssi, this is disappointing.. 

5. [+756, -9] I bid farewell to Go Ji Yong while crying because I thought I would never see him again but the train he rode wasn't a one-way trip but a round trip on a second line, on that line, he's even selling merchandise like a solicitor, you're the one who said it yourself that you can't promote with Sechskies anymore? But why are you using Sechskies name to recruits investors for your business and why are you mobilizing fans?

6. [+760, -27] I request YG to promptly solve this. Sechskies fans are requesting you to remove former member Go Ji Yong from Sechskies' profile. 

7. [+572, -8] I totally understood when he said he can't do Sechskies because of his business. But the thing I totally can't understand is that he said he won't promote with Sechskies but he comes out on 'Superman is Back' with his kid, he uses Sechskies' name while doing business, and receives money from Sechskies fans to pay for his part-time workers' pay, that's too much ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ   


[SPOILERS!!!][The Miracle We Met Roundup] Episode 17

1. [+3314, -55] Writer Baek Mi Kyung, stop writing 
↪ [+74, -5] I think we need to kick out the writer of 'The Miracle We Met' like what happened to Im Sung Han writer..... At least Im Sung Han was a bit funny and good but what is this.... (t/n: Im Sung Han is known for her makjang dramas, she wrote 'Lotus Flower Fairy', 'New Tales of Gisaeng', 'Princess Aurora'. In 2015, MBC said they won't be working with her in the future and she announced her retirement from the industry. Makjang dramas are known for their ridiculous, outrageous plots, it's filled with affairs, revenger, etc. An example is 'Temptation of a Wife' or like weekly morning dramas that have 100+ episodes)
↪ [+137, -0] Exactly what is the miracle...? Is it the miracle of ruining a happy family?  
 [+71, -1] I kept watching to watch the actors but this really isn't right.... *sigh* From now on, I'm going to skip on this writer's works 
↪ [+60, -3] Just how fast do you have to drive in a supermarket's parking lot that a person dies ㅋㅋ

2. [+3309, -83] She's a woman who's living with her father-in-law and he comes to her in a different form but says his soul is still there and that he's still her husband, he then loves a different woman and outright cheats, and then makes the daughter who lost her father cry again... how can they kill her.. what wrong did Ra Mi Ran do 
↪ [+168, -2] In the end, Ji Soo is an orphan;; ㅋㅋ Killed her dad, killed her mom, and at that they really brutally took everything away ㅋㅋ what exactly is the miracle?? What is? 

3. [+1768, -65] I thought it was a healing drama but it's hella makjang...

4. [+1246, -185] Kai-yah, because of you everything is a mess, hurry up and save Ra Mi Ran, I think Ra Mi Ran is going to wake up tomorrow - whose body do you think she's going to go into, Kim Hyun Joo's body? I think that's right 
↪ [+115, -7] The Affair We Met 
↪ [+135, -1] The Hell Ji Soo Met
 [+235, -6] It's not Ato's fault, it's the writer who's the problem ㅠㅠ Ah seriously the story is a letdown 

5. [+912, -44] The Hell Ji Soo Met, I don't know if she'll grow up normally 

6. [+387, -4] It's my first time watching a weird drama like this while living 

1. [+660, -7] Did you write this thinking it's a drama? Last week, a gun came out of nowhere. No but speaking from logically, the place where the cars are waiting in front of the supermakety, even if a car is going fast, just how fast does it have to drive that a person dies from a head collision while picking up oranges? Did you write this thinking it's a drama? I feel bad for the actors who are a part of this 

2. [+505, -2] Don't you think Kim Hyun Joo is going to suddenly die and Ra Mi Ran's soul goes into Kim Hyun Joo's body and the couple just lives together in different bodies? At this rate, just turn the makjang into a big freakin makjang

3. [+390, -10] What I expect the ending will be like: 1. Kim Hyun Joo will suddenly die and Ra Mi Ran will reincarnate into Kim Hyun Joo's body, 2. Kim Myung Min will make a deal with Kai where he dies for Ra Mi Ran to be saved   

What a mess...
I gave up on this drama after they brought that gun out of nowhere 
I seriously tried to stick it out because I love the actors but this is one of the worst dramas I've watched this year.
It's so sad because the first few episodes were actually pretty good.
What a shame...

[Running Man Roundup] Episode 402 - Zombie Couple Race

1. [+962, -116] Ah ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Seolhyun is good at variety shows ㅋㅋㅋ there's no reason she has to remember 

2. [+467, -68] Seolhyun is funny ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Seolhyun didn't even commit a crime but all the hannams (t/n: hannam = hangook - korea + namja - man, it's a derogatory word used against Korean men) are all of a sudden starting to talk shit about Seolhyun.. They're so lame and petty ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Seolhyun-ah, stay strong

3. [+456, -206] Feminist Seolhyun ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ salute, salute ^^7

4. [+121, -14] Look at the male ratio (t/n: the graph above the feelings emoticons) ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ they're against the koong kwangs (t/n: Koong kwang is the sound effect of stomping and people use the term 'koong kwang-ah' then they're saying it's like a fat person hating on celebrities and what not or that the commenter is a fat person)

1. [+2883, -1215] People looked past him slapping people many times because of being friends with the person.. It seems like he's becoming more and more worse 
↪ [+228, -75] If you're uncomfortable, just don't watch 'Running Man' and watch something else.. ^_^
↪ [+42, -85] Starting from him grabbing the female members' head/hair, his ramblings/random remarks are severe, a lot of violent elementary school students watch this show, Lee Kwang Soo should wake up 
↳↳↳[+262, -17] ??? Well, in that case, isn't Kwang Soo the one who suffers the most from the female members??? Please, just take in variety shows as a variety show

2. [+2512, -894] While watching with my family, everyone was startled when he said "gold digger" and "vixen"... it seemed like a close call these days but I see that an article was published. 'Running Man' is rated 12 and I ask him to be careful with his words. Just how does he normally think about women that he's able to say those type of words to a female idol?   

3. [+1786, -615] It's a basic for them to slap on a rated 12 show, there are actions that calls for you to call someone a "gold digger" or a "vixen", what does he normally think about that words like that come out naturally;;; In the past, people could've just watched and thought it was funny because they don't know any better but times have changed, please wake up Lee Kwang Soo. 
↪ [+170, -8] Fact) The person who's appearance gets insulted the most and gets physically attacked the most is Lee Kwang Soo. They're hella trying to make season 2 of 'Hongchul's Marriage Project' (t/n: You can read more about the criticism from that episode here - X
↪ [+62, -2] These are the people who think it's funny when Song Ji Hyo hella beats up Lee Kwang Soo 

4. [+1154, -376] It's a show that many elementary school students watch, I thought they were shaky whenever they would beep out the curse words... they really don't know their limit.....it's a problem if a person doesn't know that there's a problem with their words and actions and if they know it but still act like that, it's a really big problem 
↪ [+105, -11] Because of kids like you, 'Infinite Challenge' was cancelled
↪ [+52, -6] Up until now, have you been watching comfortably of the way Lee Kwang Soo is treated by female guests? Watch variety shows as a variety show~

5. [+926, -467] Seriously what the heck does this think he's doing? Does he not know how to differentiate the words he's allowed to use for rated 12? It seems like he's trying to push his way out as being violent and cheap but does he eve know that the public's opinion right now isn't good? Does he think he's Ongdalsaem or something? (t/n: Ongdalsaem is a comedy team/group, whose members are: Jang Dong Min, Yoo Sang Moo, Yoo Se Yoon. The members don't really have a great reputation, they've had a lot of controversies in that past for being too vulgar, misogynistic, etc)     

**The rest of the comments are the same as the comments above with their replies saying the comments are overreacting and comparing them to the old commenters of 'Infinite Challenge', who were infamous for criticizing everything. I'll keep checking to see if it actually turns into a controversy. 

Sunday, May 27, 2018

[Sunday Variety Roundup] All the Butlers, Superman is Back

NOTE: In case you didn't know, Lee Sun Hee (a legendary singer) is the one who scouted Lee Seung Gi and also trained him - during his pre-debut training days, he used to live with her for 6 months. They're still signed under the same agency. 

Also off-topic but she's my dad's all-time favorite singer hehehe 

1. [+2336, -55] Lee Sun Hee isn't the nation's singer just for no reason.. her professionalism is still clear and it was really cool to see~ her smiling is like a girl so it was cute

2. [+877, -54] During that time I was in the reserve forces with Seung Gi and that person doesn't even joke around that much and said that he received orders to kidnap Seung Gi ㅋㅋ It was a bit serious but it must've kind of been a joke (t/n: in the episode, Lee Seung Gi said that he was told by another person that they received orders from the North to kidnap him lol)

3. [+827, -34] I really like how master Lee Sun Hee's gaze is filled with love when she looks at Seung Gi. A cool teacher and a cool student, it makes me really pleased.. 

4. [+397, -30] I feel like she's really daebak... I don't think I'll be able to do that ㅜㅜ She's respectable 

5. [+289, -24] Today's episode was really moving

1. [+928, -13] She's so cute ㅜㅜ

2. [+420, -9] I thought she only resembled Jo Jung chi but when you look at past pictures, Jung In's face when she was younger is Jo Eun's face, she looks exactly like the baby ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+206, -12] She looks exactly like her dad but she's so so so cute~ ^^ I wonder how that happened~ (^^;;) Anyways, she's so cute that while I was watching, I had a mom's smile~~~ ^^

4. [+111, -7] I didn't watch yesterday's episode but just by looking at the pictures, she's hella cute and lovely~ ♡    

5. [+104, -7] How can she be that cute and lovable, there's no way Jo Jung Chi couldn't become a daughter babo *^^*


[SPOILERS!!!][Sketch Roundup] Episode 1 - 2

1. [+1415, -102] Unexpectedly, I really enjoyed yesterday's episode,  the story is good and it's also scary, I'm going to watch it live today too~ I know Jung Ji Hoon is good at acting but yesterday, you can tell his experience and he had actor vibes~~ I hope 'Sketch' hits daebak~ They also got good ratings for their first episode ㅎㅎ

2. [+769, -36] They should've promoted it/marketed it more before starting ㅠㅠㅠ I didn't even know it was airing and just happened to catch it while flipping channels and time just flew by. Rain is really good at acting, when he's delivering his lines while eating, you can hear everything clearly 

3. [+462, -33] I watched yesterday to watch Rain but the story was really good so I was surprised! I really had a good time watching it!! I thought it would be brutal and scary but it was good to watch with family 

4. [+285, -11] While watching, I started thinking that Jung Ji Hoon has more popular dramas than Kim Tae Hee, I found it funny. I thought of Jung Ji Hoon as a singer but he was also awesome in 'Full House'.   

5. [+328, -60] I don't watch dramas that often but I watched it because I heard Rain is coming out. It's been a while since I payed attention while watching, it was good ^^

1. [+451, -31] The time seriously flies by, the immersion is also ㅎㄷㄷ I cried along with Rain when he cried ㅜㅜㅜ his acting is jjang

2. [+349, -21] The baby daddies are really charming and sexy 

3. [+176, -15] When Rain was crying, I could feel the sadness and I just instinctively said: "what is he going to do". I think they're going to confront each other next week! Sketch fighting!    

4. [+104, -7] Wow they're good at acting, the immersion is good, and it's also fun to watch~  

1. [+481, -69] Rain.. I feel like he's good at immersive acting too~ I'll be looking forward to next week's episodes too~~

2. [+321, -52] I don't know if it's because the actor who plays Lee Dong Gun's wife's acting is awkward but because I couldn't really feel their love for each other, when the wife died - I didn't really feel his sadness so the probability of him killing in the future felt really week ㅜ I think it would've been better if it was a bit more sadder, that bit was really a shame ㅜ 

3. [+196, -29] It was a bit fresh... These days, there's only genres where the culprit is always hidden....You're watching while knowing who the culprit is...

4. [+142, -11] It was a lot more interesting than I thought it would be~~ I was surprised

5. [+202, -87] Wow~~~~ Rain comes out, I have to watch because of Jung Ji Hoon, he's so cool, I'm going to re-watch episode 1, Jung Ji Hoon's police role looks like it's going to be fun       


Saturday, May 26, 2018

Uee reveals that she thought about retiring after 'Manhole'

1. [+2410, -203] What do you think is the reason for her constantly playing lead roles?    
↪ [+97, -11] Her pronunciation.. it's to the point where you feel uncomfortable while watching

2. [+1044, -94] As if.. she talks as if she's some veteran actor who has years of acting experience in her bones.. I tried to suck it up for Kim Kang Woo and watch it but because of your lisp/short tongue pronunciation and expressions, I couldn't watch it anymore.. She needs to do something about the shape of her lip when she talks and her unchanging expressions.. 

3. [+602, -123] I miss her honey thigh days 

4. [+557, -122] Who's using her, she's not even immersive 

5. [+565, -146] I was really impressed by the drama you came out with Lee Seo Jin....You acted really well!!!! Please act well in the future too!!!!


[SPOILERS!!!][Come and Hug Me Roundup] Episode 5 - 8

Original Source (X Sports News via Naver): 'Come and Hug Me' Jang Ki Yong ♥ Jin Ki Joo, fateful reunion

1. [+1281, -27] Jang Ki Yong is seriously fucking good looking.. even his voice is fucking good..

2. [+567, -9] It was shocking to see how the journalists behave towards the family of the deceased, you don't think journalists like that really exist right!? Looking forward to Jang Ki Yong's future who's been blessed with good proportions 

3. [+405, -15] I chose this drama by only trusting Heo Jun Ho but I unexpectedly discovered Jang Ki Yong so I'm really happy. 

4. [+346, -7] His vibes are all different from when he came out as Nam Gil in 'Go Back Couple' and when he played Kwang Il in 'My Ahjussi' ㅠㅠㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ he's going to hit big, hit big ㅜㅜ no, he already hit big ㅠㅠㅠ his voice is also really good ㅠ Jin Ki Joo is also really lovely ㅠㅠ

5. [+160, -8] Do Jin was really cool when he got mad at the press~^

1. [+1155, -14] Ah this is really good and hella scary.. 
↪ [+37, -1] Ah it's been a while since a public broadcast channel's drama has been good 

2. [+472, -11] Jang Ki Yong's crying scene in the ending was daebak.... it was so sad ㅠㅠ

3. [+420, -15] It's not a star-studded drama but it's good. I think I have to watch reruns of Suits. Heo Actor is scarily good at acting and it's my first time seeing the male lead but it's really charming~

4. [+410, -11] The journalists who were wearing the hiking clothes were really annoying 

5. [+320, -11] I watched it by chance but why is this so good?? Today, I watched one episode and completely fell for it... ㄷㄷ

1. [+1769, -31] Seriously everyone watch it ㅠ it's insane 
↪ [+21, -0] They're so freakin good at acting 
↪ [+61, -1] I began watching because of the leads but I think the plot is better. It makes you think about the assailant's family and the victim's family. Even if people say guilt by association has gone away, guilt by association still remains for the people.. You can tell when you see celebrities and their family problems or problems with their ancestors..
2. [+1080, -13] Heo Jun Ho completely set the drama's vibes and the rookie actors are pulling the drama with their freshness    

3. [+538, -11] I get chills whenever Heo Jun Ho comes out... He's so good at acting 

4. [+403, -9] It's a good drama. You can tell that the actors are all immersed in their roles. And that's because the lines and the script is good, the background and the directing is also good

5. [+247, -14] I hope the child actors come out often in the flashback scenes 

6. [+149, -4] This is drama where you have to give the writer an award ㅋㅋ And Jang Ki Yong's eye gaze did everything ㅠ it's deafening but it's a magical drama that I keep wanting to watch 

Oh my god....
This drama is soooo good ㅠㅠ
The child actors break my heart, Jang Ki Yong's eye gaze breaks my heart, Jin Ki Joo continues to be amazing ㅠㅠ
Heo Jun Ho scares the shit out of me... 
I hope the drama's quality stays the same until the end