Friday, May 18, 2018

[I Live Alone Roundup] Park Narae throws her best friend a bridal shower

1. [+5667, -18] While watching, I was touched by their friendship so I cried. Narae and her friends are such nice individuals. 
↪ [+141, -1] I thought that I wished I had a friend like Park Narae but after watching today's episode, my thoughts changed and now I want to become a friend like Park Narae

2. [+1757, -17] Today, I was really touched by Park Narae... 
↪ [+40, -1] Seriously, her making the dress was touching 

3. [+1371, -28] Park Narae...that girl is such a nice person 

4. [+723, -17] Seriously Park Narae. Her character is upright and her heart seems kind ^^

5. [+584, -19] Because of the lovely friendship.. I cried along with them. They're really precious to each other and became a good friend for each other.. I think they'll be happy forever 

1. [+1297, -3] Seriously, Narae's part in today's episode is my favorite among the episodes of 'I Live Alone' ㅠㅠㅠ It was both touching and funny... If you had a friend like Narae, I feel like it might feel like you have a successful life just by having a friend like her, of course they must be good people themselves too 

2. [+316, -3] She's a good person as you get to know her. I'm supporting you, Park Narae 

3. [+176, -1] Seriously.. I feel like your life is already successful if you have good friends ㅠㅠ All four of them are really touching ㅠㅠ Park Narae is the best

4. [+142, -0] Park Narae moved to Anyang Art High School from Mokpo at a young age and then her father passed away and she said she worked hard at part-time jobs since high school, I feel like those friends are more precious to her because they were with her during a time she struggled. She spent a long time being unknown and I'm so proud of her because she's now doing well, I hope she does even better. . As expected, it seems like people who do well have a good personality/character by default. Do even more well 


Thursday, May 17, 2018

[SPOILERS!!!][ddoboja reviews] My Ahjussi // My Mister

"Thank you." 
I believe those words perfectly describe how I feel towards this drama. Initially, when articles came out announcing this drama, I (and many other Korean netizens) were turned off by it not only because of its title, the whole #MeToo mess with Oh Dal Su (let's bless Park Ho San for being casted in this role as his replacement), but also because of the drama's female lead, IU. Personally, I was never a big fan of IU's acting. To me, I only knew IU as "IU the singer who occasionally acts." Her acting never captivated me and based on the general public's reactions towards her past acting, most of her works, where she's the lead, weren't really considered a huge success. But I have to admit, I do have a bias against singer/idol turned "actors". Many of these idol/singer-turned-actors don't start off acting with minor roles but take on lead roles (usually with the help of their agency's influence on the production). And their acting usually feels out-of-place in a lot of the works they participate in. So... I didn't have huge expectations for this drama. But boy... was I proven wrong. 

With 'My Ahjussi', I feel like IU just perfectly consumed the role of Lee Ji An. It didn't feel like an actor was just playing a role, it literally felt like the character of Lee Ji An was a real person. When watching her portray the character Lee Ji An, you couldn't even feel or see any sense of IU in there. I felt the same way with Lee Sun Kyun and his role as Park Dong Hoon. When Lee Sun Kyun was playing Park Dong Hoon, his acting didn't remind me of any of his past roles (e.g. Coffee Prince, Pasta). You know an actor is truly talented when they're able to make your heart ache with just the sound of their heavy breathing. 

This drama really felt like it was the rediscovery of Lee Sun Kyun and Lee Ji Eun. To me, it felt like IU was able to create a path where she can now be recognized and acknowledged as 'Lee Ji Eun the actor' not only by her fans but also by regular viewers. Before the drama began, people expected her to not perform as well as her co-stars but as episodes went on and on, the comments on her acting were filled with praise and other commenters began to call out commenters that hated on IU's acting by saying things that the haters clearly weren't watching the drama and were just mindlessly hating on her. 

I think the biggest lesson this drama thought the viewers was how you can like someone without it being a physical/sexual attraction. This thought was perfectly worded by this comment: 
Lee Ji An and Park Dong Hoon clearly care for each other and respect one another. With Lee Ji An, her character was never given basic human respect. At a young age, loan sharks hounded her because of her parent's debt and although she's encountered some people who would be nice to her, she even says that they stop around their fourth attempt. Lee Ji An respects and cares for Park Dong Hoon because he's one of the first people to just treat her like any other individual in the world and his respect and care towards her stayed consistent. 

Park Dong Hoon's character is a bit hard to describe. It seems like his life had reached a plateau before all the events with Lee Ji An began. He knows his relationship with his wife is going nowhere, he's constantly worried about his mother and brothers, and he doesn't appear to be completely happy with where his life either but he's content with it. But Lee Ji An comes in and reassures him that he's still a good person even though he doesn't see himself that way. Personally, I feel like the drama worked out so well because the characters are relatable. Everyone's goal in life is to achieve happiness but I feel like this drama is reminding us to find comfort and be at peace with what we currently have and where we're currently at in our stage of life. It's like reminding us to appreciate things and not to be too hard on ourselves. 

What I really liked about this drama were the changes we were able to see and notice as the drama progressed. Lee Ji An starts off as a very cynical person but as the drama progresses, she's able to show her weaknesses and sensitivity. Park Dong Hoon also becomes more and more motivated to do what he wants to do and starts to give less of a fuck of what others think about him. Initially, I thought the drama over-exaggerated the role of Kwang Il (played by Jang Ki Yong) and his violence towards Ji An but the writer was able to resolve that issue by explaining that during Ji An and Kwang Il's childhood, Kwang Il used to protect Ji An from his loan shark father but in the future, the roles reverse and Kwang Il ends up taking on his father's role and he's remorseful over that (well in my opinion he was LOL). My favorite part about this drama was the changes in coloring. The drama is usually presented in dark coloring themes but I really liked how in the finale, when Lee Ji An and Park Dong Hoon reunited, the overall coloring of the scene was bright and even Ji An was dressed in more warm tones. Both, Lee Ji An and Park Dong Hoon, looked happier - which was something they promised each other that they would be happy. 

Personally, I'm one of the viewers who really liked the ending and I'm alright with the characters not ending up together. I don't think the point of the drama was for Lee Ji An and Park Dong Hoon to romantically end up together. I think the purpose of the drama was to show human relationships and show how liking someone doesn't always have to be about being attracted to them physically or romantically. You can like someone because you respect them, look up to them, or just care about them. 

I think this is the first Korean drama I've watched where there wasn't any romance plot between the two leads and to be honest, it was really refreshing. The drama explored the various struggles people experience throughout their lives, whether it is: workplace struggles, family struggles, or personal struggles. In my opinion, I believe 'My Ahjussi' showed us that a drama can be successful without having to have a main romance plot and I believe that's why tvN's police drama 'Live' was also successful because it actually showed the lives of police officers without being another romance drama that disguises itself as a "police/medical" drama just because the setting is in a police station or a hospital when the main focus is on the two leads' relationship. 

Overall, this drama has also become one of my life's all-time favorite dramas and has introduced me to one of my favorite actors, Lee Ji Eun. I wish more people would give this drama a chance so that it can break the stigma that's held against IU as an actor.  

Haha omgggg 
This is my first time doing a review about a Korean drama
but it's mostly just a post about my final thoughts on the drama!
I can't believe this drama has ended ㅠ.ㅠ
Now what am I going to watch... 
Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did~

Saturday, May 12, 2018

[I Live Alone Roundup] Jun Hyun Moo shows his undying love for his senior dog

1. [+3290, -22] I hope the people who abandon their pets because they get old or because they get sick reflect 

2. [+1895, -48] I saw an unexpected side of Jun Hyun Moo, seeing how much devotion he gives his dog, I feel like he would also really do well to his baby.. Ddo Ddo-yah, I hope you live a long, long time!! 

3. [+1007, -20] As a person who really raises a pet, they're the same as your family.. Jun Hyun Moo-ssi, I understand how you feel..

4. [+573, -20] You really need to think that a pet is a family who'll be with you forever when you raise them... When I see abandoned animals, my heart really hurts, the only thing they can't do is speak but they have emotions..

5. [+428, -20] I'm currently raising three abandoned dogs and I saw the posts in the morning and cried a lot because it was relatable ㅠ ㅠ

6. [+211, -5] Park Narae really speaks nicely, it seems like it's because her heart is nice 

Original Source (Sports Seoul via Naver): Jun Hyun Moo cries in front of his ill senior dog Ddo Ddo

1. [+3229, -38] I cried with him. It was my first time seeing a sincere/genuine side of him... it was touching. A person should be like this 
↪ [+68, -0] It was really sad from the moment they went on the walk until the interview at the end... ㅠ 
↪ [+71, -0] People who've watched over their dogs since they were a baby until they were a senior dog cried along 

2. [+1873, -26] I adopted an abandoned dog and raised them for 13 years but they passed away last year due to kidney failure.. kidney problems is common in senior dogs, and the chance of them going to heaven all of sudden becomes high.. this was the case for our Shih Tzu too.. Last year when I sent off my dog to heaven, it was really, really emotionally difficult for me but after doing volunteer work for disabled people, it really comforted me and I became better.. Jun Hyun Moo-ssi.. stay strong and if Ddo Ddo goes to heaven, she'll always watch over you! Thank you for taking responsibility for another life until the very end. You're going to be blessed.

3. [+1180, -25] I choked up when he said they're going to definitely meet again later on in heaven ㅠ 

4. [+599, -19] I'm not a pet lover... I don't like all dogs or cats but I cried 


Friday, May 4, 2018

[I Live Alone Roundup] Lee Si Eon, Kian84, and Henry go camping

1. [+2608, -749] They say Kian84 behaves like that because it's a variety show but is there a reason that the viewers need to feel annoyed, frustrated, and mad while the viewers are watching a variety show. Even if they say it's a hidden camera prank, Lee Si Eon repeatedly asked Kian84 to bring extra pairs of socks and underwear, that seems like it's Kian84's personality - I hope he'll get rid of a little bit of his stubbornness... It was my first time getting this mad while watching 'I Live Alone', I want to laugh or cry while watching a variety show.
↪ [+344, -62] If you're mad, you don't need to watch it - there's no point in watching this show if you're getting stressed ㅋㅋㅋ watch something else 

2. [+1458, -194] ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Because they were bickering, it felt more realistic so it was funny ㅋㅋ A variety show is just a variety show so don't think too seriously about it~   

3. [+1555, -425] You can see why Lee Si Eon is like that, Kian is already a bit so-so but today he reached the peak 

4. [+935, -53] But if you go on a trip in real life, don't a lot of people argue over the littlest things because you're tired and hungry ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ  

5. [+953, -84] It feels like Si Eon and Kian are pulling a hidden camera prank on Henry...

t/n: The three of them had a bit of time to spare because their boat took off so they went to get lunch at a nearby restaurant. They asked what dish came out the fastest/took the least amount to cook and the employee said mulgomtang which is like a fish stew but because of miscommunication(?) they ended up ordering food for 5 people and the dish is like $17 per person but they didn't have a lot of time so they ate really fast and quickly left. That's why all the commenters are talking shit about the restaurant. 

1. [+1495, -14] The mulgomtang lady was a bit too much   
↪ [+121, -4] It's Pohang San Ho restaurant that's in front of the Pohang passenger terminal. 

2. [+1319, -23] When they asked what dish came out the fastest, anyone can tell they're asking for something simple and he specifically asked for one to not be spicy - how can you explain it. And when you ask a restaurant how much your bill is, 99% of the restaurants tells you the total price not the price for one person. Reason?? They disregarded them and clearly ripped them off, they tarnished Pohang's image    

3. [+1286, -61] The certain thing is that only Lee Si Eon is the normal one, Henry is just a foreigner who's aware/walking on eggshells, Kian is extremely abnormal and can't function in a society. At the end, Lee Si Eon, who's the oldest hyung and the normal one, is the only one who's taking charge and is unfairly being shitted on for "getting angry a lot". I feel bad for Lee Si Eon... 

4. [+585, -13] They ordered for food that comes out the fastest but all of a sudden they got ripped off ㅠ I got mad while watching the episode 

5. [+510, -18] Lee Si Eon is really a saint, Kian just bring the things they tell you to bring

6. [+229, -2] When Lee Si Eon-nim said that they were the only people in the restaurant but got the order wrong, it really struck a chord ㅡㅡ ahjummas, you really were a bit too much, even if you weren't making a lot of profits..