Saturday, May 12, 2018

[I Live Alone Roundup] Jun Hyun Moo shows his undying love for his senior dog

1. [+3290, -22] I hope the people who abandon their pets because they get old or because they get sick reflect 

2. [+1895, -48] I saw an unexpected side of Jun Hyun Moo, seeing how much devotion he gives his dog, I feel like he would also really do well to his baby.. Ddo Ddo-yah, I hope you live a long, long time!! 

3. [+1007, -20] As a person who really raises a pet, they're the same as your family.. Jun Hyun Moo-ssi, I understand how you feel..

4. [+573, -20] You really need to think that a pet is a family who'll be with you forever when you raise them... When I see abandoned animals, my heart really hurts, the only thing they can't do is speak but they have emotions..

5. [+428, -20] I'm currently raising three abandoned dogs and I saw the posts in the morning and cried a lot because it was relatable ㅠ ㅠ

6. [+211, -5] Park Narae really speaks nicely, it seems like it's because her heart is nice 

Original Source (Sports Seoul via Naver): Jun Hyun Moo cries in front of his ill senior dog Ddo Ddo

1. [+3229, -38] I cried with him. It was my first time seeing a sincere/genuine side of him... it was touching. A person should be like this 
↪ [+68, -0] It was really sad from the moment they went on the walk until the interview at the end... ㅠ 
↪ [+71, -0] People who've watched over their dogs since they were a baby until they were a senior dog cried along 

2. [+1873, -26] I adopted an abandoned dog and raised them for 13 years but they passed away last year due to kidney failure.. kidney problems is common in senior dogs, and the chance of them going to heaven all of sudden becomes high.. this was the case for our Shih Tzu too.. Last year when I sent off my dog to heaven, it was really, really emotionally difficult for me but after doing volunteer work for disabled people, it really comforted me and I became better.. Jun Hyun Moo-ssi.. stay strong and if Ddo Ddo goes to heaven, she'll always watch over you! Thank you for taking responsibility for another life until the very end. You're going to be blessed.

3. [+1180, -25] I choked up when he said they're going to definitely meet again later on in heaven ㅠ 

4. [+599, -19] I'm not a pet lover... I don't like all dogs or cats but I cried