Hi everyone! I've been posting on this blog since my sophomore year of college and throughout the times, I've noticed questions about the blog and even questions about me come up. I hope some of these answers satisfies your curiosities! 

1. What does ddoboja mean?
↪ "ddoboja" is the romanization of 또 보자 (ddo boja) which can be interpreted as: "See you again", "Let's meet again", or 
"Let's watch (it) again". I decided to name my blog "ddoboja" because I wanted to create a space where I can go on and on about my favorite Korean dramas variety shows and have engaging conversations with my readers!

2. Do you work on this blog full-time? How many people run this blog?
↪ I do not work on this blog full-time. This blog is just a hobby of mine! This blog is run by one person, me! Therefore, there is sometimes a delay with posts - thank you for understanding hehe 🤭

3. What do you do outside of the blog?
↪ I work in higher education 📚 I always dreamed about working with first-gen college students and other students who are in similar communities that I was in. I'm grateful to be in the position I am in now 💜

4. Are you even Korean?
↪ I don't know why but I get this question a lot lol Yes, I'm 100% Korean! I'm ethnically Korean - both my parents are Korean immigrants but I lived in the U.S. my entire life. Some readers think I'm Indonesian but I'm not 😅 But I would love to visit Indonesia one day! 🥺

5. Why don't you post about [insert drama/variety show]?
↪ Outside of this blog, I work a full-time job and because I'm only human, it's kinda impossible for me to cover every single drama and variety show that's currently airing. Please note that I also manage this blog on my own. I personally prefer to cover dramas/variety shows that I'm actively following because then I understand the context and references mentioned in the comments.

I do have a series on my blog called "ddoboja catches up on" where I cover dramas and variety shows that I didn't cover when it was originally airing.

6. Do you take requests?
↪ Most "requests" I take are for things that I notice that many readers in the community are requesting for me to cover ☺️ You can submit requests via DM on Twitter (@ddo_boja) but please keep in mind that I
 usually only fulfill requests that fit the content of this blog (e.g. dramas/variety shows/news about actors and entertainers). I don't really cover things about idols unless they came out on a drama/variety show or there's new about them that's garnering nationwide attention.

Last updated: January 18, 2021