FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Hi everyone! I've been posting on this blog since my sophomore year of college and throughout the years, I've noticed common questions about the blog and even questions about myself come up. I hope some of these answers satisfy your curiosities! 

1. What does ddoboja mean?
↪ "ddoboja" is the romanization of 또 보자 (ddo boja) which can be interpreted as: "See you again", "Let's meet again", or 
"Let's watch (it) again". I decided to name my blog "ddoboja" because I wanted to create a space where I can go on and on about my favorite Korean dramas, variety shows, and culture while have engaging conversations with you all!

2. Do you work on this blog full-time? How many people run this blog?
↪ This blog is just a hobby of mine and it's run by one person, me! Therefore, there is sometimes a delay with posts - thank you for understanding hehe 🤭

3. What do you do outside of the blog?
↪ I work in higher education 📚 I always dreamed about working with first-gen college students and other students who are in similar communities that I was in. I'm grateful to be in the position I am in now 💜

4. Are you even Korean?
↪ I'm not sure why but I get this question a lot LOLOL Yes, I'm 100% Korean! I'm ethnically Korean - both my parents are Korean, but I grew up in the United States. Some readers think I'm Indonesian, but I'm not 😅 I would love to visit Indonesia one day! 🥺

5. Why don't you post about [insert drama/variety show]?
↪ Outside of this blog, I work a full-time job, and because I'm only human, it's kinda impossible for me to cover every single drama and variety show that's currently airing. Please note that I also manage this blog on my own. I personally prefer to cover dramas/variety shows that I'm actively following because then I understand the context and references mentioned in the comments.

I do have a series on my blog called "ddoboja catches up on" where I cover dramas and variety shows that I didn't cover when it was originally airing.

6. Do you take requests?
↪ Most "requests" I take are for things that I notice that many readers in the community are requesting for me to cover ☺️ You can submit requests through DM via Twitter (@ddo_boja) but please keep in mind that I
 usually only fulfill requests that fit the content of this blog (e.g. dramas/variety shows/news about actors and entertainers). I don't really cover things about idols unless they came out on a drama/variety show or there's news about them that's garnering nationwide attention.

7. What happened to all your old posts?
↪ I still plan on covering k-dramas and variety shows, but with changes to the commenting policies on Naver and other portal sites, a lot of the original comments are gone. I'm also looking to transition my focus to writing more reviews/recaps and lifestyle pieces (e.g. travel, k-beauty). Thanks for understanding! 

Last updated: December 18, 2022