Sunday, July 12, 2020

Three Meals a Day: Fishing Village 5 comes to an end and the production team apologizes for the fire that took place on Jukgul island prior to filming

During the episode, the production team informed Cha Seung Won and Yoo Hae Jin about the fire that broke out on the island on April 2, 2020. The production team explained, "For the preparation of filming, a contracted waste disposal company burned trash on the island without permission and an unfortunate incident occurred. Fortunately, there weren't any casualties but we feel a big sense of responsibility for the unfortunate forest fire. After a long discussion with the residents, Korea Forest Service, Wando County Office, Wando County Forest Association, we decided to move forward with following the procedures for a forest restoration project, starting from next spring." 

1. [+868 / -3] Aren't they going to punish the waste disposal company?

2. [+878 / -45] Let's not leave comments without understanding the situation. The waste disposal company was the one who started the fire, Na PD said he'll take responsibility, and we should say something if they (people involvedP) didn't take responsibility. It wasn't something they had to include in the broadcast of the episode but Na PD personally made it public and said he'll take responsibility - let's not say something (talk shit) about that.    

3. [+426 / -15] It's unfortunate that the forest was damaged but since it's the fault of the third-party company, it's right for the company to take responsibility but seeing how he said he'll take responsibility until the end, it's quite a fortunate thing.

4. [+209 / -32] The waste disposal company should take responsibility, the fact that 'Three Meals a Day' is saying that they'll be taking responsibility is a grateful thing and as expected of Na PD!! 'Three Meals a Day' worked hard and I really had a good and fun time watching it. 

5. [+121 / -4] That company is ridiculous.. What kind of inconvenience is this because of their thoughtless actions