Sunday, November 5, 2017

1 Night 2 Days airs a special episode dedicated to the late Kim Joo Hyuk + members make video messages

"What is Gutaeng!!"

At the end of the episode, each member filmed a video message dedicated to Joo Hyuk. Jung Joon Young cried because he couldn't attend Kim Joo Hyuk's funeral due to filming conflicts. Jung Joon Young said: "Hyung was always a cool hyung to us, he was the most precious." He also talked about the support Joo Hyuk always gave him: "When I took that short break from 1N2D, I contacted the hyungs (members) as soon as I returned to Korea. Joo Hyuk-hyung thought I was really suffering that even during that time, he gathered all the members up to meet the day I returned. He thought I would be struggling so he came to see me but the fact that I can't even go see him right now when I know he's suffering, I feel really bad about that. That's why I really want to go see hyung as soon as I can."

1. [+23411, -68] The members' video messages were so sad ㅜㅜㅜㅜ

2. [+17356, -61] Tears are just pouring while I was watching.....It's been a really good time....

3. [+14418, -56] The ending ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

4. [+14298, -68] Gutaeng-hyung... Please rest well...

5. [+13941, -80] Tears are spilling out... I'd like to send my regards once more, may he rest in peace...Really a pity..

6. [+4223, -30] Ah watching Jung Joon Young cry while he was talking really broke my heart;; My throat was just closing up, really sad... 

7. [+4154, -16] Watching this again, Kim Joo Hyuk-ssi really spoke eloquently.. He took care of every little detail, there's a reason people liked him

8. [+3989, -22] Ha.. Jung Joon Young.. ㅠㅠ He said he was sorry cause he couldn't go see his hyung who always came to see him when he was struggling... 

9. [+3804, -16] This is the first time I cried this much after a celebrity's death