Sunday, July 29, 2018

[Sunday Variety Roundup] All the Butlers (Actor Lee Deok Hwa), 1N2D

NOTE: For those who aren't familiar with Lee Deok Hwa, he's considered a veteran actor/talent. Lately, he's been coming out on 'City Fishers' with Lee Kyung Kyu and Microdot. His father, Lee Ye Choon, was also an actor but he passed away at the early age of 58 years old. Lee Deok Hwa was involved in a motorcycle accident in 1977 (when he was 25) and the shock from learning that his son was involved in an accident worsened Lee Ye Choon's hypertension issues and that worsened his health problems which ultimately led to his early death. Lee Deok Hwa has felt guilty about basically being the cause of his father's untimely death that he didn't visit Paraho Lake for 40 years after his father passed because he just had a lot of his feelings and thoughts built up. He finally visited the lake with the 'All the Butlers' team. Yang Se Hyung also opened up about the death of his father in this episode. 

1. [+2148, -33] I cried a lot while watching. Up until now, I just saw him as another person but through 'All the Butlers', I thought that he was a really cool person. I hope he begins taking care of his health for his children. I'll always support you ^^

2. [+850, -18] When his son cried, I teared up.. ㅠ (t/n: Lee Deok Hwa's son works as his manager)

3. [+452, -25] It was touching, you are honestly a warm person, I also always watch 'City Fishers'. His chemistry with Lee Kyung Kyu is also good and when he also sings sometimes, it's nice to hear. Please be healthy 

4. [+424, -10] The story about the instant coffee and when Lee Deok Hwa-nim and his son cried, seriously ㅠㅠㅠ I felt a lot of things today (t/n: Lee Deok Hwa talked about how his father wasn't good at expressing his feelings and when they went fishing one time, Lee Deok Hwa stayed up all night at the lake to catch at least something. His father came to check up on him during the early morning when the lake was covered in fog and brought instant coffee with him in a tumbler. Instead of giving him a cup right there and then, he went to the other fishermen and each gave them a cup and once he was done sharing the coffee, he came to Lee Deok Hwa - look at the tumbler and said something like: "Look, we have one cup left just enough for you" and gave him the last cup ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ)

5. [+217, -23] I seriously cried without me knowing... 

6. [+172, -8] When he gave the instant coffee to his son at Paraho Lake like the way he received it from his father, I seriously bawled by eyes out ㅠㅠ I cried even more because Yang Se Hyung cried    

1. [+686, -10] Shinhwa has relationships with almost all of the 1N2D members so I feel like it's not going to be awkward and it's going to be fun. ♡ Going to watch 1N2D's Shinhwa episode live~~~~!!!!!!!

2. [+243, -12] If Shinhwa comes out, it's a must to watch it live ♡♡♡♡♡♡

3. [+179, -27] Dong Gu's beauty is working hard..♡

4. [+140, -6] Daebak! While watching, I was surprised because they said Shinhwa was coming out. Amongst the existing idols, there's no idol that can follow Shinhwa at variety shows, I'm looking forward to it

5. [+110, -3] I laughed so much today ㅋㅋ The variety show newbies are so funny. Especially Tiger JK and Bae Myung Ho, they're really cute and even funny. I hope we can see them more often on variety shows~ ^^