Monday, March 29, 2021

Park Soo Hong addresses rumors that his older brother and sister-in-law embezzled 10 billion won ($8.8 million) from him

t/n: You can read more about this here - Korea Herald. There are posts online where people are summarizing what's going on but basically, Park Soo Hong was under his own agency for 30 years. His older brother was allegedly out of work so Park Soo Hong hired him as his manager. His older brother and his wife (Park Soo Hong's sister-in-law) managed all of his finances. The money Park Soo Hong made was his brother and his wife's livelihood, they also have two kids. They were always really against Park Soo Hong getting married because they were worried that they were going to lose access to their meal ticket. They apparently told Park Soo Hong that they were taking care of the money he earned, raising assets, and they always pretended not to use his money. Park Soo Hong believed this and later on when he went to check on his assets, he found out that everything was under the name of his older brother, sister-in-law, and their children. Right now it's said that his older brother and his family ran away and they're living happily. 

Park Soo Hong responded to comments made on his YouTube channel and said things like, "I always trusted the people around me but I was greatly betrayed and hurt so I just wanted to die. The thing that helped me endure it and saved me during that time was Dahong (his cat). There are things where animals are better than people.. I'm alive thanks to Da Hong ㅎ", "At first they were against [him raising] Dahong.. especially my older brother.. They said I can't ever raise a cat and that if I raise one then I'll fail.. It really makes no sense, right? ㅎ" (taken from MLB Park)

1. [+5823 / -45] Make sure to get it back through legal actions. If you get married and create a family, brothers are strangers

2. [+3182 / -29] So his brother and sister-in-law were living extravagantly with the younger brother's (Park Soo Hong) money? Park Soo Hong couldn't get married and is only working by himself like that? I feel bad for him

3. [+2380 / -52] The thing about money is that it's cruel and scary. If Park Soo Hong wasn't a successful celebrity, I think they would've lived as close brothers. I feel really bad but I don't think there's a point in arguing about brotherly love and what not. Sue them for fraud, work persistently on getting your money back, and don't forgive your older brother. The older brother has already broken the plate (t/n: trust). So don't even feel guilty.

4. [+2315 / -20] By that point, they're not family, they're scammers................ In the past, when Park Soo Hong talked about the woman he wanted to get married to, he cried and said that there's no longer a person like that for him, the viewers' heart hurt more when we saw him cry. Don't treat people like family when they're already not family. If they say sorry and what not and you accept them into the family, they're definitely going to do something bad to another family member................... Make sure to sue them and get the money back through legal actions. I hope he no longer lives a life for family members who aren't even like family and lives a life for himself.
ㄴ [+79 / -0] ㅇㅇ Their relationship ended because Park Soo Hong's mom was against it. Park Soo Hong's family is ruining his life 
ㄴ [+54 / -0] Why was Park Soo Hong's mom against it, it's not like she's going to live with them. Her son loved the woman that much. Was it because of the money? 

5. [+1072 / -24] Soo Hong, stay strong. Please don't forget that there are many people in the world who are on your side. 

6. [+722 / -2] If he's going to take legal action and then drop the lawsuit because he feels bad towards his parents then don't even start it, it's going to be even more frustrating. These things were being said when starting from when they were against his marriage... To be honest, if their child is older and they bring someone to introduce them then they [parents, family] usually thank them for getting married to their child, they don't oppose the marriage that often..... That's not even an older brother 

7. [+695 / -6] He's a person who's really gentle, upright, and only nice but they suddenly talked about him clubbing and intentionally tried to ruin his own image. It always felt like his heart felt full and he felt like things were not fair... his family opposed his marriage.. the fact that he was being used like this.. live for yourself now... my heart hurts.. 

1. [+5794 / -17] At this point, he's not an older brother and he's not family,,, Take legal action

2. [+5134 / -31] Since a long time ago, I thought that he was a quite upright character but he was going through a hidden pain,,,

3. [+5001 / -79] I think he's protecting his parents in case they get shitted on. You can clearly tell how the oldest son is living but do you think the parents didn't know? I don't think so at all (t/n: commenter thinks the parents knew). I heard Park Jin Hong = the older brother and the parents were both really against Park Soo Hong's marriage. Can his parents affirm that they didn't think about financial gains at all? I only talked shit about Jang Yoon Jeong's mother but there's going to be a lot of similar parents and siblings. (t/n: Jang Yoon Jeong's mom also stole money from her - you can read about it here)

4. [+2005 / -159] The parents are the problem! Soo Hong's mom should also leave 'My Ugly Duckling'! Why are you trying to benefit off of Soo Hong! The one she truly cherishes is her eldest son, she's two-faced! 

5. [+1535 / -49] Did his parents not know or were they pretending not to know, 

6. [+1472 / -7] The reason he found out is also sad. He wanted to be a good landlord and give a discount on the rent but he found out that he doesn't own the building...

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