Sunday, February 25, 2024

[Netizen / Naver TV Viewers Comments for I Live Alone Episode 534] Violinist Danny Koo shows off his speedy lifestyle & Kim Dae Ho celebrates Lunar New Year with his large family

Episode 534 - Air Date: February 23, 2024

1. [+71 / -0] It felt healing because it's been so long since a refreshing character appeared.. FYI, you can't compare Danny Koo with Henry. He's an elite classic musician.. he's very charming.. 

2. [+64 / -1] Pure and pretty Danny Koo... His passion and skills toward music are genius-like but his daily life is cuteness

3. [+53 / -0] He looks like he's shining~ He looks bright~ He also kinda looks like Son Heung Min ๐Ÿคญ (t/n: I said the same thing!! He looks a bit like SHM!)

4. [+48 / -1] He's easygoing, bright, and looks like he lives his life on his own tempo.. He's cool~ I'll be supporting you~

5. [+43 / -0] I like that you can feel his bright energy~~ I'll also be supporting his passion for being a musician

6. [+41 / -0] Oh Danny Koo

7. [+37 / -0]  I laughed a lot over his fast-paced actions and daily life. Please come out on the show often ^^

8. [+37 / -0] This is my first time learning about Danny Koo but he has good skin and impression

9. [+34 / -0] It was refreshing and funny

10. [+34 / -1] ใ…‹ใ…‹ใ…‹ใ…‹ "Let's~ go" "it's [blank] time~~~"

11. [+32 / -0] It was funnier than expected ใ…Žใ…Ž

1. [+30 / -0] Even a skilled person like this is living life meaningfully but why am I dragging on ใ… ใ… 

2. [+26 / -1] J personalities must be planners ใ…Žใ…Ž Don't rush and have a comfortable routine!! (t/n: J personalities as in MBTI)

3. [+21 / -2] I want to eat that like Danny Koo-nim ใ…Žใ…Ž He's good at taking care of himself~ I'm supporting you

4. [+15 / -2] Danny, become famous... No, don't get famous.... No, get famous.... Danny, I'll be looking forward to your active promotion! ใ…Žใ…Žใ…Žใ…Žใ…Žใ…Žใ…Ž

5. [+9 / -1] Eat slowly and chew every bite~~ ใ…Žใ…Žใ…Žใ…Ž

1. [+81 / -2] I really had a good time watching :-) He's someone who's bright and lives life to the fullest

2. [+80 / -4] It was interesting to watch
It was also really cool seeing him play the violin
He seems like a bright and kind-hearted person

3. [+65 / -3] Daebak~ It made me wonder if there's a flying squirrel-like cute character like this~~ Please come out again ♡♡♡

4. [+48 / -3] Time flew by really fast. Danny Koo-nim, you're cool. I'm supporting you

5. [+46 / -2] He was so cool when he was performing
His voice is also really charming
He has a cute face and is like a squirrel

1. [+721 / -2] Dae Ho hyungnim... I enjoyed watching your public declaration of not getting married.. Be happy..

2. [+695 / 11] ใ…‹ใ…‹ Kim Dae Ho can forget about getting married ใ…‹ใ…‹ใ…‹ใ…‹ใ…‹ Ah it was suffocating
↪ [+35 / -0] When they were taking out the rice cakes, Kim Dae Ho was chatting along while the rest were quiet is the vibe these days. Now-a-days there aren't any women who set up the memorial service tables for other families (in-laws). Set it up yourselves 
↪ [+23 / -0] I was losing energy while watching.. The fact that there are still families like this
↪ [+11 / -0] ใ…‹ใ…‹ใ…‹ใ…‹ใ…‹ใ…‹ It's not just over for Dae Ho-nim but for his younger brother too... 

3. [+559 / -10] The only thing I could think of was how long it was going to take them to wash all those dishes ใ…‹ใ…‹ใ…‹ใ…‹ใ…‹
↪ [+23 / -0] Me too. It's dishwashing hell

4. [+517 / -2] It was nice because they look harmonious but from the daughter-in-law's perspective.. when can they go see their (the wife's) family.. ใ…œใ…œ

5. [+507 / -1] I laughed out loud when they said he's digging his grave ๐Ÿคฃ

6. [+488 / -8] It's sooo suffocating *sigh* Visiting the wife's family isn't even imaginable. Doing the memorial service in the morning is enough but they reunite again at 2 PM ใ…กใ…ก

7. [+436 / -1] I had fun watching but from a daughter-in-law's perspective, if they get together again to do a BBQ, when do they go to visit the wife's family?

8. [+415 / -23] I hate it. I understand doing the memorial service but they can't even go to the wife's family (they briefly went to Dae Ho's because they're nearby but for the daughter-in-laws whose families live far away, they won't be able to visit since they're meeting again at 2 PM). What's the point of playing games and having a BBQ

9. [+396 / -5] I think it's over for Dae Ho-nim to get married.... It was nice seeing a harmonious family but from a daughter-in-law's perspective... Ugh... I don't even want to imagine, it's horrible ใ… ใ… 

10. [+394 / -0] Ugh it's harmonious but..... I'm sad because... it made me think about how my mom suffered.... ใ…œใ…œ

1. [+148 / -36] Ugh it's the worst, he won't be able to get married

2. [+66 / -3] This isn't a negative comment towards another person's family but it's really hard,,, My mom is a working mom who is a nurse but she married into a family that holds ancestral rites. During the holidays, she would end up and always go to the eldest family member's home to make jeon, even after she ended her work shift.. She always did this, twice a year.. Whenever they held an ancestral rite.. I don't want to live like my mom…… So there's households where only women wear aprons in this day and age,,,, Damn,,,, *sigh*

3. [+43 / -5] It may look good while watching from afar but you don't know the nitty gritty... I thought Dae Ho was more individualistic but he's good at getting along with his family members in that type of setting.

4. [+20 / -4] It was suffocating - it doesn't feel like the OG I Live Alone

5. [+15 / -1] The sacrifices of the mothers made the present. 

1. [+40 / -5] The way people see and think are the same
It made me think of the past and was good to watch ใ…Ž but after becoming a daughter-in-law, it left me with a lot of thoughts - especially how the maternal grandma (the wife's mom) was at home by herself - it honestly made me a bit sad ใ…  Dae Ho says that their family all does it together but to be honest, the cooking and cleanup is all tied to the women, he knows it better than others
It didn't feel like other people's business, it made you truly respect all mothers

2. [+33 / -5] It was fun because it made me reminisce about how everyone gathered at my grandma's place in the past ใ…‹ใ…‹ it's not like it's possible but.. if I was a daughter-in-law in that family... ใ…‹ใ…‹ใ…‹ *shivers* I have respect to the daughter-in-laws and moms of that time. There's a reason society has changed a lot ใ…‹ใ…‹ And the way the maternal grandma was home by herself got to me ใ…‹ใ…‹ํใ… ใ…  it would've been better if they all got together ใ… ใ…  although there might've ben a reason ใ… ใ… 

3. [+19 / -5] It was kinda like the vibes of my household in the past.. Because our family is the eldest, there were a lot of relatable moments but because there are generational changes, we don't get together like that

I've been watching I Live Alone here and there these days since most of my favorite members don't make regular appearances anymore ๐Ÿ˜ญ but I've been enjoying Kim Dae Ho's episodes because it reminds me of the old ILA days and I enjoyed this episode! 
This was my first time watching Danny Koo. He has an infectious spirit and energy, I hope he appears on the show more often ๐Ÿคฉ
I liked watching Kim Dae Ho's part too. His family seems so close, but I also understand why there is criticism(?) about who sets up all the jesa/ancestral rites. Seeing his maternal grandmother home alone made me a bit sad :( 
The comments about how his marriage prospects are over after this episode was funny LOLOL

A bit off-topic, but are international viewers still curious about netizen comments? I feel like it's changed so much since many of the sites got rid of their comment sections.