Welcome to my little side of the internet! 또 보자 (ddo boja) can roughly be translated into "see you again", "let's meet again" or "let's watch (it) again." It is a blog that is dedicated to translating Korean netizens' comments on articles about Korean dramas, variety shows, and other relevant things in the Korean entertainment industry and Korean society/culture. 

I created this blog during my sophomore year of college in order to improve my Korean reading and translating skills. Being a first-gen Korean-American, my grandfather would always end our monthly phone calls by reminding me that I am Korean and I should never lose touch with our beautiful language. What better way to improve my skills than using them on things I'm actually interested in rather than spending hours and hours on workbooks ㅠ.ㅠ 

I hope ddoboja can become a space for all fans where they can kindly discuss current topics and trends. 


  • ddoboja.com is a blog that translates and publishes news, reactions, rumors, and speculations. Posts made on this blog are for entertainment purposes only. The translated posts are based on published information from other sources and occasionally includes translations of rumors and speculations, made available online, to explain context. The blog does not make any claims that the content is true. The author contributing to it will not be held liable for damages resulting from errors, omissions or falsehoods published on this site. It is not the site or the contributing author's intention to defame or malign any particular group, religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, or individual.
  • Please do not use these translations to generalize Koreans as a whole. Not all Korean citizens share the same views. That is like saying any top voted comments on TMZ represents the views of ALL Americans. Which we all know is not true. Please also be aware of cultural differences. Be respectful.
  • Sometimes there might be translation disparities due to how I interpret the original comment/content. I also might make English errors/grammatical errors. Thank you for understanding. 🙇🏻‍♀️  


  • Do not steal my translations. Throughout the years, I've found that other blogs have stolen my posts and re-uploaded them on their sites. If you want to use my translated work (this includes screenshots of my posts), please credit me properly - this means: include the name of the blog or tag me (if it's on Twitter), don't just hyperlink a tiny "cr" at the bottom of your posts. Seriously, don't steal translations, that's not cool. I work a full-time job and work on this blog as a hobby of mine. It's very disheartening to see someone stealing your work.
  • I'd prefer if ddoboja remains a positive environment that can possibly grow into a community in the future. Let's not have unnecessary fan wars. Please be respectful to your fellow readers and please remember that I am only human and I might sometimes make mistakes.

Last updated: December 18, 2022