Thursday, March 29, 2018

[Article Translation] Journalist criticizes actress Lee Yoo Bi's career claiming she's only known for being actress Kyeon Mi Ri's daughter

Original Source (Ilgan Sports via Naver): 'Lee Yoo Bi' who's nothing else but 'Kyeon Mi Ri's daughter'

The journalist starts off by saying Lee Yoo Bi is still appropriately referred as 'Kyeon Mi Ri's daughter' instead of an 'actor'. 

Lee Yoo Bi debuted in 2011 through MBN's sitcom 'Vampire Idol' (t/n: Lee Soo Hyuk, Kim Woo Bin, Shin Dong Yeob, Chun Woo Hee came out in this sitcom too). Back then, she was considered a 'super rookie' because she was signed under a big agency and was able to get their aid. She had no popularity but become a symbol for a rising star and became an MC for a popular music show (Inkigayo) - the journalist then comments saying you can tell how big of an influence her agency has. 

The journalist then says: but from the start, you can tell that her acting skills was an 'empty can'. The journalist didn't expect her to deliver acting skills that would give them chills but says their expectations from her crumbled because even though she was a rookie, she's gotten big roles from the start but she couldn't properly deliver results for her roles. She's was able to star as the main character or as one of the lead characters for various projects like: 'The Innocent Man' (t/n: with Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won), 'Gu Family Book' (t/n: with Lee Seung Gi and Suzy), 'Pinnocchio' (t/n: with Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye), and 'The Scholar Who Walks the Night' (t/n: with Lee Jun Ki) but she's still only 'Kyeon Mi Ri's daughter'. The journalist then mentions that whenever she makes appearances on TV or does interviews, she always emphasizes about her mom, Kyeon Mi Ri. Being known as the child of a celebrity can help you when you debut but if your acting skills don't follow up, then it can hurt you instead. The journalist says that for 8 years, all Lee Yoo Bi has done was talk about being 'Kyeon Mi Ri's daughter'. 

The journalist then talks about how in 2015, Lee Yoo Bi lost her phone at a club and the person who found it figured out it was her because her phone wasn't locked and it had pictures of her. The person who found it told her that they'll return the phone to her if she gives them 20 million won. It got people talking and saying, "What exactly was in her phone" and "The actress who lost her phone at the club". 

Lee Yoo Bi recently made a guest appearance on tvN's 'Life Bar'. She showed off her easy-going personality and was able to speak casually. She might've been aware of the negativity that surrounded her that she didn't mention her mother on the episode. After the episode aired, her appearance became a hot topic so her name was trending on the portal sites but when you search her name, the top searches that are included is her mother Kyeon Mi Ri and her younger sister, Lee Da In (t/n: her younger sister is also an actress). It didn't shed any new light on her but it's still all about her family. This means that the attention isn't on 'actress' Lee Yoo Bi but on her family. 

The journalist then ends the article by saying: She's still 'Kyeon Mi Ri's daughter' Lee Yoo Bi.   

1. [+4715, -590] Journalist-nim, do you not like Lee Yoo Bi? Is this an article.. or a diary entry... 
↪ [+400, -18] I can feel the anger in the article. 
↪ [+270, -79] But it's a fact  

2. [+3934, -521] Journalist did you have a fight with Lee Yoo Bi? It's hella negative  
↪ [+170, -24] Forreal, it's my first time reading an article like this, I had no feelings for Lee Yoo Bi but now I feel bad for her 

3. [+3164, -477] Everything they're saying is true so I can't deny it..

4. [+2814, -262] The factual attack is on a next level 
↪ [+58, -0] What happened to her mom with the stock price manipulation? It wasn't just one or two houses that fell under because they got scammed by Bota Bio tsk tsk (t/n: Here's an English article about it - X)

5. [+2550, -262] No more no less, she's just Kyeon Mi Ri's daughter  

6. [+814, -25] If you're able to get an opportunity easier than others then you have the responsibility to show that much more effort and acting skills. It's true that the article is crude but I understand what the journalist is trying to say. In this field, there's a lot of young people who are participating in movies and stage plays only with their so-called passion even though they're only being paid an amount that's lower than minimum wage. But for the people, there's a chance that they'll never get any screen time for the rest of their lives. If you're going to take their opportunity away and advance your career using your parent's name and take lead roles, then you should try to get your acting skills acknowledged rather than your looks. Stop trying to get the viewers' attention by making variety show appearances and chatting away 

7. [+683, -22] But is her acting skills at the level of her being able to be a lead     

8. [+599, -19] What happened to her dad and him manipulating stock prices? (t/n: here's an English article that kind of talks about it - X) 

I mean... the journalist isn't really stating any lies...
I agree that if you're able to get opportunities easily because of your family's name, parents, etc (nepotism) then you should work harder to prove to others that your worthy of it and show some results...