Thursday, December 26, 2019

[Article Translation] Bullies order over 30 servings of sweet and sour chicken to victim's home

t/n: A post titled 'Bullies ordered 330,000 won (as of 12/26 - that's $284.54) worth of sweet and sour chicken to prank the victim' is receiving heat on the internet during Christmas. It's an incident the business owner decided to reveal after they heard about the victim's situation but many people are angered. 

According to a sweet and sour chicken restaurant at Budang in the Gyeongi province, the day before the 25th, the restaurant received an order for 30 servings of sweet and sour chicken to be delivered to one household. Unlike usual, they called the orderer to confirm the order but the person on the other end said, "We did make the order". Instead they called the restaurant back and said, "We're going to have a lot of people over and eat it together so we want to order more and make the order so that it comes out to 300,000 won." They didn't have any other suspicions because it was Christmas Eve.

But the woman they met when they went to make the delivery said, "We didn't order it." But her expression turned gloomy when she saw that the special instructions said, 'Please say that her son John Doe ordered it.' The woman said, "My son is being bullied right now but it looks like the bullies ordered it as a prank." She made the entire payment for the order so that it doesn't inconvenience the restaurant and because they couldn't eat all of the food, she asked for only a portion of it and asked for them to take the rest back. 

The receipt for the order. In the special instructions for the delivery, it says: Please say that their son [blurred out] ordered it.

With a heavy heart, the business owner decided to post about this situation to a forum/community that they're active on, 'Clien'. The owner wrote that they will give out the sweet and sour chicken for free, the one that the victim's mother did not accept. They also wrote that they would like to help the victim and asked for help on how they can support them. 

Afterwards, with the advice of many of the commenters, the business owner cancelled the entire payment on the mother's credit card and they decided to sue the people who made the order because of obstruction/interference with business. 

This post spread to many communities/forums. Many people thanked the business owner for not letting this behavior slide. The business owner revealed the side of the victim by writing, "After speaking with the victim's mother on the phone, the victim is 20 years old and the bullies are 21 and 24 years old, they're not minors. They got to know each other in high school and they've been bullying him up until now." The victim's side speculated that the perpetrators did this in retaliation because before this, there was an incident where the perpetrators opened a cellphone account under the victim's name and extorted millions of won and they (the victim's side) was going to report them. 

The business owner wrote, "There are a lot of people who are worried that this might harm the business but I hope more people learn about this so that the perpetrators can get proper punishment."

1. [+20057 / -21] The fact that the perpetrators are adults who are 21 years old and 24 years old is more legendary...;; For the Earth, these perpetrator bastards need to just die....

2. [+8856 / -31] Please, please make sure that they get punished! I'm sincerely supporting it

3. [+6156 / -34] Now that they are adults, they can go to jail

4. [+3869 / -24] Sue them and teach them that life isn't a joke... They'll come to their senses after they get a criminal record and they screw over their life, guys like that never reflect... because starting from their personality is wrong

5. [+3063 / -159] I wish they would revive the Samchung re-education camp (t/n: here's a Wiki article about the Samchung re-education camp)

6. [+2516 / -6] Imagine how the mother felt having to see her child being ridiculed and wondering how to pay off the 330,000 won worth of the sweet and sour chicken that they sent over? The perpetrator bastards, with that start of this incident, I'm cursing you guys so that you guys live the most miserable life. 

7. [+1124 / -3] The sweet and sour chicken owner did a really good job

F*ck bullies
Embarrassing how they are grown ass adults and they're still doing this shit....