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[Interview Translation] "Krystal or Jung Soo Jung"ㅣKrystal's Interview with Cosmopolitan Korea

A time where she kept running while looking straight ahead has passed. Jung Soo Jung is now living a bit more relaxed. She's learning about the pros and cons of life but instead of saying complicated things, she often used the word "just." That one word explained more things than we expected. 
(Original Source - Cosmopolitan Korea)

Four years ago, you covered the <Cosmopolitan> with your sister Jessica.
For <Cosmopolitan>, even the cover is confident and daring, it gives off a strong image. I thought that it would suit me well and I really liked that I was able to express that. My sisterly love with my sister Jessica is well-known. It might seem like we influence each other a lot but when we work/promote, I think we're independent. The way we pursue things is different. That's why the way we influence each other doesn't cross the line. But if I have a worry, I talk about it most with my mom and sister. From A to Z, almost everything. 

When you're promoting as a singer, you go by as 'Krystal'. When you're promoting as an actress, you go by the name 'Jung Soo Jung'. Is there a special reason for this?
From the start, the production company wanted me to use my real name. It might be due to the fact that on the [movie/drama] poster, the other actors' names are in hangul but if my name is the only one printed as 'Krystal', it might make it stand out. It got established to be done like that after the first time. To be honest, I don't mind if it's Krystal or Jung Soo Jung. 

Are you the type of person that's not that stubborn?
In the past, I wasn't this laidback. These days, people say that I've gotten round. It made me think, 'I wonder how sharp I was that they would say that?'. [Laughs] I think I'm able to let things go/soften up because I've promoted/worked for a long time and met many people. I was also able to find headspace as well. I didn't have a particular reason for this but 2 to 3 years ago, I thought that I should listen to people's stories. Of course, I have things that I am persistent about. When I'm considering projects (t/n: movies/dramas), even if all the people around me tell me that it's a good choice, if I really feel like it's not the right one, I choose not to do it. Because I get a feeling that it doesn't vibe with me.

How do you make a compromise between choosing something you're good at and choosing something you want to do?
I think I like to do things that I think I'll do well in. I don't even want to do things that I might not be good at. [Laughs]

Just this year, two of your movies will be premiering and one drama will be airing. 
After I wrapped up my drama two years ago, I read the script for the indie film 'Shouts of a Father' and I decided to do it because I had a lot of fun reading it. While filming, I received an offer for the movie 'Sweet and Sour' (working title) so I naturally decided to do it/accept it. I think the gap ended up being long because the projects are both movies. (t/n: gap as in from the time the movie was filmed, goes into post-production, and then it's finally released to the public) I worried about it. If the gap is too long then you can lose your touch and people might find me awkward. But what can we do. It already happened. 

I found it to be an unexpected choice when you were casted in an indie film since you're an idol from a large entertainment agency.
I always wanted to do an indie movie and I was fixated on the plot that's focused on a pregnant woman who is in her early 20s and the unique character 'To Il'. To be honest, I think it's not me but my surroundings that makes me appear to be commercial. I like indie movies and minor music. (t/n: by minor music, I believe she's talking about music that's underground or music that isn't as popular with the general public)

<Shouts of a Father> is your first indie movie, <Sweet and Sour> is your first commercial film where you're the lead. Are you the type of person who puts a lot of meaning into 'first'?
In the past, I thought it was important. Because if you're the first person to do something - later on, people all follow you.

You're playing the role of an army lieutenant in the drama <Search> that will be airing in September.
I always wanted to play the role of a professional/career soldier. I thought I would you be able to pull off the role well because the script is fun too. It's fresh. There aren't a lot of people who saw me in uniform and it's a challenge for me as well.

What do you think is a side of yourself that people want to see from you?
Although it's been over 10 years since I made my debut, I'm still not quite sure. My fans want to see the singer side of me. I'm sure about that. I want to do it (t/n: promote as a singer) too but the timing was off and because I wanted to do well, I couldn't do it. I really love music so one day, I would like to make a well-made solo album.

I heard you like the compliment "You're cool" more than "You're pretty". 
In the past, I came down after finishing a stage performance for f(x)'s '4 Walls' but our male juniors walked by saying that we're so cool. That greatly resonated with me. I was really proud that it wasn't "pretty" or "cute". 

In your opinion, what type of person is a 'cool person'?
Just a person that's not fake? I think a person is cool when they have a clear view on things and expresses all their thoughts/says what they have to say. I'll be like that when I'm over 30, right?

In Korean age, you're already in your late 20s. Are you the type of person that's sensitive about age?
I'm not used to being 27 in Korean age. I wish Korea would also count age like they do in the United States. [Laughs] But I think it will be nice to be in my 30s. When I hear stories from my unnis, they're more laidback than they were in their 20s and they say that they really do things for themselves. So I'm more curious about my own thirties and I look forward to it.

Is there anything you want to do before you turn 30?
Lately, I've been talking a lot about dreams with my friends. When they ask, "What's your dream?" - I say, "I'm contemplating about what it is that I really like and what it is that I want to do more of." I think it's been about a year since I've been contemplating about things like this. Until then, I had no time to think about it. Even though I lived by going with the flow, I always did my best with every moment. For the first time, I found peace/headspace - if I say, "It's no big deal if it doesn't work out" then people would push and say, "Why aren't you trying harder?". I find that a bit unfair. I want to plead and say, "I've been trying hard this whole time, I'm doing my best right now too!". I now found a way to be/feel more relaxed but people say that I'm too young to be/feel like that. That's been my worry these days. 

There are idols who believe that they go through things that people experience throughout 10 to 20 years in a packed 5 to 10 years. Therefore, they need time to wander even if it's later than others. 
When I was filming a movie, a staff member said that they used to have a preconception about idols and that they ended up really respecting idols after working with them. They said that when they (idols) are working, they have a different kind of passion. To be honest, I hope many people are able to know about this. During my career, there were times where I, myself, would use the word 'idol' to discredit myself. I think I kinda didn't like the word 'idol'. But now, I'm really proud of it. I was able to do that, I can go back and do it again whenever, and there aren't a lot of people who can do it (t/n: be an idol)

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Although I don't follow KPOP as much as I used to, f(x) will always have a soft spot in my kokoro and Krystal was always my bias 💜
You can really feel her growth and matureness in this interview 💜💜💜
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