Wednesday, March 25, 2020

[Video Report Translation] Identity of admin behind the 'Doctor's Room' in the Telegram Nth Room case revealed

A case where videos of sexually exploited women, including minors, was sold and spread through the messenger app Telegram is continuing to receive growing attention and anger from the nation. Up until an hour ago, a Blue House petition that's asking for the identity of the perpetrator to be revealed received 2,354,492 signatures. SBS has made the judgement that this case is an atrocious crime against youths and a serious crime that will leave irrevocable scars. 

So in order to prevent further damage, to assist with the investigation of finding other crimes that haven't been uncovered yet, and for the people's right to know - we have decided to reveal our exclusive coverage and the face and personal details of the suspect in custody. 

This is the 25 year old Cho Joo Bin, who created and operated the group chat room 'Doctor's Room' on the Telegram app. So then, we'll now go into who this Cho Joo Bin is - this person that committed this appalling crime. 

As of now, there's 74 confirmed female victims and there's 16 minors. Cho Joo Bin, the 25 year old who atrociously sexually exploited the victims, graduated from college in 2018. We went to the college that Cho Joo Bin graduated from and asked how his student life was. Cho majored in Information and Communication Technology but he ranked first at the school's book report contest and was also active as the editor-in-chief for his school paper. 

He wrote various articles for the paper's column and would write about the emotions he experienced during his school life. His grades were good to the point where for three out of the four semesters, his average GPA was over a 4.0 and he received various scholarships. 

If you look at his grades and school activities, he deserves to be judged as a excellent student but his classmates say that he did not have good relationships with friends (t/n: didn't have good people skills).

t/n: Text in bracket is from the interview portion. The text that's not in brackets is just the journalist's voice over for the coverage of this report.

[Colleague from school paper: He wrotes articles in the way he wanted to and he also had trouble (discord) with the professors. He also had issues with the assistant administrator. Well he had trouble/issues with everyone.]

Journalist: However, his classmates say that Cho Joo Bin did not behave deviantly at school because of issues related to sex. 

[Colleague from school paper: I think he was a quiet kid that you can find anywhere.]

Journalist: The police has figured out that Cho Joo Bin began committing crimes shortly after graduating in 2018. He first posted a fake ad on Telegram saying he's selling firearms and drugs to commit fraud and steal money. Last September, Cho Joo Bin created the 'Doctor's Room' and began the crime of sexual exploitation. 

As '갓갓', the admin of the Nth Room which is the chat room that's the origin of the sex exploitation chat room, began to wither away (be less active) - Cho Joo Bin began to use even more provocative sexual exploitation videos to earn money. 

[Colleague from school paper: The fact that the 'doctor' was someone that I used to know gave me chills...]

If you guys want more details on the Telegram Nth Room case, you can read it here: Korea Herald.

1. [+47093 / -1221] Please reveal the remaining 260,000 people too

2. [+18964 / -100] 25 year old Cho Joo Bin who majored in Information and Communication Technology at Inha Technical College, it's chilling;

3. [+11322 / -147] Death penalty 

4, [+10007 / -148] Don't do you dare let this fizzle out. This is a serious crime that's as inhumane as as a murder. The courts need to give him the maximum death penalty that's appropriate so that from now on, they can prevent the reoccurrence of similar crimes. Don't ever forgive them!!!!

5. [+10692 / -2998] We need to get rid of the patriarchal, male-centered culture so that these types of heinous criminals don't appear. Reveal the identity of all the participants, abetters, and spectators in the Nth Room

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Original Source (Sports Kyunghyang via Naver News): Personal details of Cho Joo Bin revealed, the admin of the 'Doctor's Room' in the Telegram Nth Room sexual exploitation case

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2. [+3705 / -64] You need to reveal the personal details of not only the people who created the Nth Room but also the members who are affiliated with the chat room. I'm also a man but I really hate those type of disgusting people and it's chilling.

3. [+1148 / -17] You need to castrate these type of bastards and also brand their faces!!

4. [+775 / -12] He's not human, give him the death penalty

5. [+500 / -21] 25 years old... Ah.... I have nothing to say. Devil bastard! 

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