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[I Live Alone Episode 336 Recap + Naver TV Comments] Lee Si Eon speaks up about his donation "controversy", Kyung Soo Jin makes makgeolli + Hwasa reveals her new home

For this episode, we welcome back familiar faces: Hwasa and actress Kyung Soo Jin. It's been so long since Hwasa appeared that Sung Hoon jokingly starts off the introduction by asking her, "You've been really busy, right? It's not that we did something wrong to you or you were upset about us, right?" Hwasa says no but Park Narae continues to push the question and asks, "Who did it? Is it because of Sung Hoon, Kian84, or Lee Si Eon?" Hwasa jokingly says, "No, it was just... all of it" LOLOL

Hwasa revealed that she received her longest vacation since she made her debut and was able to "refresh" herself for two months. Actress Kyung Soo Jin hasn't made an appearance on the show since the New Member Orientation episode (t/n: episode 326). Kian84 says that he thought she quit. Kyung Soo Jin shares with the members that she has been doing well, she's been traveling, and similar to Hwasa, she was "refreshing" herself. 

After introducing this week's guests, the attention then shifted to our uhljang-nim, Lee Si Eon, with the members asking him if he's doing okay. Si Eon nonchalantly says that he's been doing well and asks if there's a reason why he shouldn't be doing well. Kian being Kian comments that he's been through some shit (t/n: from all the hate comments). For those who are unaware, Lee Si Eon was in a "controversy" a month ago when some people made a fuss about the amount he donated to fight combat COVID-19. Narae says that Si Eon is the first one amongst the 'I Live Alone' team to make a donation and Si Eon jokingly says, "I should've donated a bit more..."

Narae then checks up with Kian84 and asks if he's been doing okay. Kian84 was recently picked by netizens as first place for being a fashion terrorist (t/n: people who don't have a clue when it comes to fashion and styling). Hwasa asks Kian if he gets hurt by things like this and he says he doesn't at all. The members then praise him for the way he has a good fit when he wears clothes and that he looks really handsome when he gets glammed up (t/n: I mean he's called Model84 for a reason)

We visit Kyung Soo Jin's home and the members quickly notice that all of her plants are no longer there and the remaining ones are now... less lively.... Soo Jin explains that this is considered props for her interior design and that it's considered "dry flowers" but Narae quickly says that it's "die flower". Soo Jin who barely ate breakfast in her previous appearances suddenly began to prep rice by washing the rice. The members notice that the amount she poured out is a lot of a person to eat a lot. Soo Jin then adds even more rice to her washing bowl. Soo Jin reveals that she's making makgeolli (t/n: Korean rice wine)When washing the rice, you have to rinse the rice until the water comes out clear as possible. After washing the rice over and over again, Soo Jin leaves the bowl of washed rice on her terrace since she has to let the rice sit for 2 hours. Soo Jin then drives to the mountains to get water from the springs because water is a very important ingredient when it comes to making makgeolli. The production team asked her if this (the process of going through all this to make makgeolli) wasn't tiring. Soo Jin said that it was fun not tiring - she finds it exciting to eat things that she handmade. Soo Jin climbs and climbs the mountain and finally reaches the water! The members notice her reaction when she reaches the water and points out that she doesn't look as happy. Soo Jin said that she was happy that she finally reached the water but also realized that she has to carry the water back down. 

Soo Jin returns home with her precious water and gets down to business to defeat the Huns. Soo Jin rests briefly after prepping the ingredients and then checks up on the practice makgeolli she made earlier. Inside the hangari (ceramic pot) is the makgeolli she made for practice and you can hear the ingredients fermenting #MakgeolliASMR. Soo Jin takes a sip of the makgeolli she made for practice and.... 

It's a f l o p! She describes the practice batch as tasting too sour like vinegar. After bottling all of the practice batch, Soo Jin revealed that she put sugar in all of the bottles to make it sweeter. But because she closed the bottles too tightly and began to ferment again. The next day, she heard something that sounded like a gun and she went out to check and the bottles exploded due to the pressure. 

She goes on and makes the new batch of makgeolli and also weaves a basket while waiting for the rice to cool down. Our DIY queen continues to show her skills when she makes her own fish cake for dinner. The members point out that it looks like her dinner is a bit burnt but Soo Jin swears that it's not. LOLOL Soo Jin brings the new batch of makgeolli she made to the studio to give the members a taste. The members play rock, paper, scissors to choose one person to be the first taste tester and Sung Hoon loses the game. His reaction piques interest and all the members decide to try the makgeolli made by Soo Jin and it receives positive reactions! 

Although the things she drank and ate today are things that people can buy easily, Soo Jin said that she was happy that she was able to use her day up to make these things. 

Our beginner driver Hwasa shows off her new driving skills and reveals that she's a fan of Bon Jovi. For the first time since her debut, she was given two months of vacation - the longest she's ever had. Hwasa arrives at Hangang Park to go on a late night stroll. Our mukbang queen then heads home to the convenience store to go buy some instant ramen. Hwasa jokingly says that she's also tired of showing herself eating but what can she do when food is one of the important necessities in life!

After finishing her meal at the bench, Hwasa heads back home. The members immediately notice that her home looks different and it's not the same home that previously appeared on the show. They all congratulate her for moving to a new place. Hwasa reveals that her old place didn't have the best security and people eventually leaked her building number and the unit number (t/n: Not cool... I don't understand why people leak other people's information like this like wth). Her new place has good security and a good view. Our girl falls asleep on the couch and ends up waking up at 3 PM the next day. The show films Hwasa waking up and she stretches but makes a weird noise. The members debate on whether or not Hwasa farted. Hwasa swears that it wasn't a fart and she made the noise with her mouth. Lee Si Eon said that if it was her making the noise, she should recreate it in the studio. Since Hwasa kept saying it wasn't a fart, the members let it go and let her keep her dignity. 

Hwasa starts her day by making Chrysanthemum tea and drinks her tea out on her terrace. Hwasa reveals that her new hobby is playing the recorder so she begins practicing her recorder skills by playing Camila Cabello's 'Havana' and Deulgukhwa's 'Don't Worry Dear'. After practicing her recorder skills, Hwasa cooks up a meal and reminds herself that she's on a diet so she doesn't finish all of her food :(. She looks back at her long vacation and  now that it's coming to an end, she says that she's getting the same feeling she experienced when she was a student and it was time to go back to school at a vacation but she's excited to make new music. Hwasa spends the rest of her day back on the couch.


Original Source (MBC via Naver TV): Don't cry ㅠㅠ You're a warmhearted person, Baek Si Oh... Ah.. Nevermind.. Lee Si Eon

Nationwide ratings for episode 336 that aired on March 6, 2020: 10.7% (cr. Naver TV)

1. [+2747 / -16] No but why are they hurting a person that did a good deed.. Let's live nicely~!! ㅠㅠ

2. [+2331 / -25] He's only laughing like that because it's a variety show but who knew that he would've received such a shitty reaction when he donated one million won ㅠㅠ The bastards that shitted on him needs to stand in the corner and reflect. Lee Si Eon, your donation was really cool ㅠㅠ ❤️

3. [+1817 / -11] Baek Si Eon ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ He's able to make a joke out of this (t/n: they joked around about being called Baek Si Eon because he donated one million won (baek man won))

4. [+1560 / -14] It's not like he didn't pay back one million won or something, he donated but at that time, all the comments on the articles were hate comments.... Since when has one million won been an amount where it deserved mockery; If you have enough money to mock one million won, go donate instead of leaving hate comments. If you're looking down at that amount because you never worked and made that much, I really have nothing to say to you ㅋㅋ 

5. [+1389 / -13] Sigh - last time when Henry was looking for a new place, seeing how Kian told him to make sure to check the certified copy of register, it seems like he has a bad experience with real estate... Why are you bothering uhljang with hate comments when he did a good deed with donating ㅠㅠ

Original Source (MBC via Naver): Kyung Soo Jin is moved by her homemade makgeolli?! My homemade makgeolli... It's so tasty...!

1. [+356 / -42] People who are shitting on Kyung Soo Jin are showing their true colors/personality. I think it's cool that she lives so diligently

2. [+341 / -33] Even as a fellow woman watching, she's the type that's really hardworking... She's easygoing and she's pretty even if she doesn't glam up

3. [+328 / -27] Of course it's easy and comfortable to buy and eat it but I think it tastes even tastier because she climbed the mountain and she worked hard on making it while sweating 👏👏

4. [+261 / -30] Whether it's scripted or not, she has good handy work skills and I think it's certain that she has a hardworking personality...

5. [+242 / -28] I think she's really a hardworking person 

Original Source (MBC via Naver TV): Hwasa's new home enters! Moved to a new place due to safety?!

1. [+1940 / -19] Please don't be curious about where her home is and don't go looking for the place. She moved because of security... I hope people will respect her privacy ㅠㅠ

2. [+1476 / -11] No but why are these crazy people trying to find their homes

3. [+1224 / -36] Hwasa is really young and rich, she's cool. She reached the top on her own and succeeded at a young age, she's cool

4. [+1075 / -16] I was a bit uneasy by the fact that they showed the terrace in today's episode...  I wish they would blur out the outside ㅠㅠ (t/n: tbh, that's what I was thinking... like why would you show her entire neighborhood if she moved due to privacy reasons)

5. [+971 / -10] Let's respect their privacy....... 

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