Monday, December 25, 2017

Yoon Son Ha revealed to be immigrating to Canada due to her son's bullying controversy

Background info for those unfamiliar with the case: 

Her son, who's in the third grade, was bullying one of his classmates. Others who are involved in the bullying is the grandson of Park Sam Koo, who's the chairman of Kumho-Asiana (yup, that Asiana). The reports are saying that they covered the kid with a blanket and wouldn't let him get out while he was being covered, hit him with bats (not wooden bats), and forced him to drink body wash while lying to him that it was milk. Her agency is saying that some of the reporting is being exaggerated and that the bats were just styrofoam(?) and that made people even more mad because it sounds like she's just brushing it off by saying it's just child's play.

Old article from June:
[+35339, -755] Yoon Son Ha, you'll know how they feel if your kid went through the exact same thing. The world keeps moving, there's no rule that your kid won't suffer from the same thing. Listening to her excuse, she sounds like the typical bully's mom. Because her personality is like that, she brought out a child like this into the world.
[+33726, -377] If the person who suffered said it wasn't a joke, then we can't say it's a joke. With whose permission are they saying it's a joke?
[+30671,-359] So it's fine to hit someone if it's a styrofoam bat?
[+24691, -289] Wouldn't it have helped both the victim and their own children if the parents came forward and sincerely apologized to the victim? It could've brought comfort to the victim and a character lesson to their own child.
[+15605, -226] Kids these days are scaryyyyyy
[+9019, -78] Look at this attacker cosplaying as a victim (t/n: the commenter put a quote of Yoon Son Ha saying that her being a celebrity is causing her and her son great harm in this situation.)

1. [+18182, -1223] Are you cosplaying as a victim by saying you and your kid hasn't done anything wrong and are being witch-hunted? Alright, farewell~ 

2. [+16680, -909] If the same incident occurs in Canada, you'll be expelled 

3. [+13613, -909] Goodbye and don't ever come back. They say a hedgehog thinks their baby is the fairest of them all so do you think they'll see any faults in their kid? So go to that country and live while coddling your child 

4. [+12033, -1293] Like Steve Yoo (t/n: Also known as Yoo Seung Joon, he was super popular in the 90s-early 2000s but evaded mandatory enlistment by obtaining a U.S. citizenship. He's banned from entering South Korea) we need to prevent her from being able to re-enter the country!! So that she won't be able to crawl back into the broadcasts when she's running out of money.. 

5. [+9680, -628] Goodbye

6. [+4340, -129] Someone might think Yoon Son Ha and her son are the victims. 

7. [+3827, -137] He's going to understand how the kid felt once he goes and gets bullied by the white kids