Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Kim Jun Ho confesses his feelings about his recent divorce and asks people to refrain from leaving hate comments

1. [+5100, -169] Happy people don't leave hate comments. Only unhappy people feel relief when they leave hate comments.

2. [+4426, -170] This is Kim Jun Ho-like.. He only requests things, he's so nice 

3. [+3468, -440] To be honest, it was weird that they were still in a married status,.,

4. [+2361, -54] I hope both of them don't get hurt and are only filled with happiness in the future. I'm always supporting your cheery image. 

5. [+2139, -48] You must've really went through a lot during that time, live happily~

6. [+697, -105] It's no one's fault.. But it's true that he paid for her education abroad for more than 10 years and even supported her business endeavors. They don't even have a kid. 

7. [+627, -75] Only the couple would know the exact details but from a third person's POV, you can't overlook the fact that the guy was kind of played.

8. [+569, -64] In this divorce, the guy needs to receive alimony.