Monday, January 22, 2018

Comedian Kim Jun Ho files for divorce after 11 years of marriage

1. [+14704, -340] I don't blame him for divorcing... He was basically a goose father (t/n: goose fathers are basically men who stay behind to work in Korea in order to pay for their families to live and study abroad). His wife always went abroad, do you think any affection would've blossomed 

2. [+7753, -170] You really can't judge celebrities based on the things they show off on TV.. they all have their own issues...

3. [+5723, -191] The 1N2D members have been going through a tough time lately 

4. [+5305, -91] Stay strong....

5. [+3566, -106] Aigoo ㅜㅜㅜ

6. [+2868, -24] They kind of felt like a couple on display... In the end, they ended up divorcing... I thought it was weird how she was always abroad and never came home, it's not like they went abroad for the child's sake, they don't even have kids 

7. [+2131, -94] Wow... seriously... he married the person he loved and had to send her off abroad.. he survived it until this point and now they're divorcing... Seriously, I only feel bad for Kim Jun Ho...  

8. [+1695, -35] So they ended up divorcing... Kim Jun Ho really put up with it for a long time.. She went to study abroad as soon as they got married, it ended with him paying for her tuition for 10 years

9. [+1607, -30] I wondered why they got married

10. [+1453, -30] It's totally reasonable. It's not like she went abroad for a child's sake, she was living alone abroad, it's not like he's a goose father either