Thursday, October 3, 2019

Baek Ji Young shows support for her husband Jung Suk Won on 'Let's Eat Dinner Together'

t/n: On the show, there's a section where they can praise someone and Kang Ho Dong asked her if she wanted to praise someone and she tearfully said, "But I don't think I should say this" and then went on to say, "Last year, my husband made a huge mistake so he's taking a break from work right now but I'm thankful for my husband for enduring it so well." For those who don't know, he was caught doing meth - here's a link to the post

1. [+10229, -165] Jung Suk Won really needs to treat Baek Ji Young well...

2. [+8321, -565] ?? What is she talking about when she's thanking someone for enduring well when they made a mistake
↪ [+525, -53] ....Let's think about it from her point of view... 
↪ [+442, -15] Even if you hate them, they're still family... 
↪ [+938, -18] When you made a mistake, did your mom take your side or shit on you with others? 
↪ [+217, -11] It's drugs. Maybe he quit it. 
↪ [+1046, -11] He can't work and he's living in seclusion at home.. If you keep being like that, you can begin thinking bad thoughts? I think she's talking about that... Because during this time, only he can endure it 

3. [+4835, -377] Don't try to sell sympathy. You can never forgive drugs. If this was China, he would've gotten the death penalty!

4. [+2300, -172] Baek Ji Young is a saint. I pray that she's always happy

5. [+1808, -235] You're going to become a strong family again, stay strong

6. [+1198, -46] He committed his own crime, did someone else do it??? What is she talking about when she's saying that he's pulling through well??? Someone might think that he's unfairly behind bars or something??? Even if she's Baek Ji Young, this is kinda 

7. [+932, -29] What do you mean he's pulling through.. As a public figure, he caused a social controversy so he's reflecting... The way she's expressing it - it's not what you said, it's how you said it, Ji Young. 

8. [+836, -17] It's not that he's pulling through after committing a crime but he's paying for his crimes. This is the cost of enjoying the crime. Isn't expressing it as 'enduring' a bit iffy..