Monday, October 14, 2019

Entertainment industry mourns the loss of Sulli

1. [+25342 / -238] SM needs to make arrangements for a psychologist right now and needs to take care of their artists on a regular basis

2. [+19567 / -101] Don't simply think that this is the fault of the hate commenters - you can't say that the journalists don't have any responsibility at all. There are a lot of people who get hurt over the type of articles where it's "If it's not true then whatever" and controversies always start with articles. Stop writing articles over a celebrities' Instagram post and sometimes, there are things where if you just leave it be, it won't receive any hate comments and people will get over it but there are journalists who create articles over it because you know it will receive hate comments and make them get shitted on. I hope journalists will tread carefully when they write articles. 
↪ [+1121 / -2] Journalists really need to reflect. They write provocative articles as if they're going to explode and during cases like this, they step back. As if it's not their fault. 
↪ [+433 / -2] The joint work of trash journalists + hate commenters

3. [+6039 / -53] It seems to be true... I can't believe it 
4. [+5026 / -260] Sulli, it must've been really hard, although you sent a lot of signs, I'm really sorry I couldn't protect you. I really hope that you're happy and peaceful there. I'm going to think of you often. I won't forget you. Thank you. Be happy. 

5. [+3565 / -62] Unni, don't be stressed there and be happy

6. [+1846 / -56] Take care of Taeyeon too

7. [+1516 / -31] Sulli - it's October, it's really cold. Dress warmly and go. Eat a lot of good food and look at a lot of pretty things. If you have any regrets, just leave them all behind. I love you.

Original Source (SPOTVNEWS via Naver): SM representatives, "故 Sulli's wake-funeral procession, funeral arrangements, would like to keep it private, earnestly asking for cooperation"

1. [+11649 / -58] Reporters, please don't go looking for it [the memorial]

2. [+6396 / -51] I'm begging you, please don't go there to cover it. Think of it as someone taking pictures to make money when your colleague or family member passed away.

3. [+4376 / -31] The family of the deceased wants that, seriously don't go

4. [+4416 / -115] Korea needs to implement revealing real names for comments..

5. [+2089 / -25] Seriously, let's not hurt her during the end and send her off.. Please, don't go looking for the funeral so that you can see celebrities

Original Source (MyDaily via Naver): Hate comments even on Sulli's memorial posts...Celebrity colleagues have bitter words for hate commenters, "Faceless murderers"

t/n: Actor Shin Hyun Joon made an Instagram with the caption, "Another precious life has left us. Hate commenters, they're cowardly and faceless murderers."

Actress Gong Hyo Jin posted, "Don't be a bad person and be a good person."

Girl's Day Min Ah screenshot a hate comment left on Sulli's memorial post and captioned it, "How am I supposed to understand this? I'll be reporting you."

Goo Hara uploaded a post with the caption, "Do what Jinri wants to do in that world (heaven).." 

Hong Suk Chun uploaded a post with the caption, "Who knew that this would've been my last picture with you. We said that let's endure it together but I became a bad oppa who sent you off without even saying goodbye. I'm sorry and I'm sorry again. Don't be hurt in that place (heaven). Do everything that you want to do. I'll remember you exactly as your pretty self. It's quite a sad night."

1. [+2032 / -19] Even if they are hate commenters, leaving hate comments even at a place where people are remembering her is really severe. 

2. [+1571 / -24] The journalists for the most severe... They're pathetic journalists who would upload her Instagram pictures and testing the water with the general public.. What's with the standards for journalists these days, they're trash level and the best obnoxious journalists

3. [+1027 / -16] Leaving hate comments even on her memorial posts... Are you really human?

4. [+946 / -18] Please get rid of the comment feature or reveal everyone's real name