Friday, August 21, 2020

Voice actor Yoon So Ra criticized for her classist remarks towards children from a low-income area playing in her neighborhood

Yoon So Ra tweeted - "Children from the low income neighborhood nearby gathered at our apartment's playground today too and they're running around without even wearing a face masks. Kiddos, wear a mask....." (t/n: 빌라촌 (villa-chon) can be used to describes homes like townhomes or like homes that are all gathered closely in a neighborhood but it can also be used in a derogatory way. For example, someone living in an affluent neighborhood like Beverly Hills could describe Koreatown as a 빌라촌)

People called her tweet out and said things like, "Did you make the conclusion that the kids in 'our' apartment is well-educated and wouldn't do things like that (not wear masks) so they're kids from a low-income area that's not well-educated", "What's the reason for you using the words 'low-income neighborhood/area'", "You exposed your classism", and "Do you live in a palace?". 

The voice actor tried to clarify her tweet by adding: "I tweeted that because I was worried about the children who were playing around without a mask. I think people misunderstood because everyone is sensitive. The kids aren't wearing a mask because they're running around. ㅠㅠ" (the older tweet, 6 min) and "Excuse me. Exactly what are you misunderstanding... I tweeted that because I was worried. The young children are playing without a mask and they might get sick. And with the tweet before that, it's about asking for policies that can help children who are in blind spots so the education gap is getting more and more bigger." 

Up until now, Yoon So Ra has participated in over 180 animations and foreign dramas (t/n: dubbing into Korean).

1. [+13637 / -97] Excuse me, anyone can tell by reading your tweets that you're bothered and annoyed that children from a poor neighborhood nearby came over and is playing without wearing a mask - why are you trying to play it off as if you're worried about the children. Are you some amazing rich person, why are you belittling people who are low-income and on top of that, you're saying that to young children?

2. [+8458 / -61] It's my first time hearing the word '빌라촌 (villa-chon)' in my entire life... If it's a villa-chon then it's a villa-chon, why are you calling it a low-income villa area and belittling children who haven't done anything wrong... People like her are dividing the country's society and creating hostility. Kick out Yoon So Ra, who's thoughtless and lacks empathy, from the broadcast industry immediately. She has no right to be on TV!!!! 

3. [+4185 / -45] Ahjumma, you must be an aristocrat? Don't give that type of pain to young children. It's always people like her, who aren't even actually rich, who power trip and belittle others

4. [+3389 / -41] Low-income villa area... It's an odd word. Am I low-income apartment area?? What kind of area are you ahjumma?

5. [+2366 / -28] You should've acknowledged your mistake. Her excuses are even more gross so I ended up reading it
↪ [+79 / -0] The more severe social evil is that she doesn't understand why her tweet is problematic.

karen ahjumma, go back to bed