Thursday, September 17, 2020

[Article Translation] The story of Heo Sook Hee, the Siberian husky abandoned in the mountains by his previous owner


The star of today's story is the blue-eyed Siberian husky, a dog breed that's popular for their friendly personality and dashing good looks. The dog's Korean-style nickname is Heo Sook Hee. Everyone that meets Sook Hee says, "You're really cool" and gives Sook Hee a thumbs up but behind those blue eyes is a sad story.

During dawn where cold rain was falling on that day

It was July 29th - cold rain was falling on that day and the foot traffic of the hikers came to a halt at a mountain hill in Seoul Deunchong-dong. The merchants that sold coffee closed up their shops early and went up the mountain together But what's this? On top of the mountain, there was a big dog that was caught in the rain. At a closer look, it was a Husky that was tied up with a short rope and the dog's ribs were showing. The dog didn't seem to be aware that it was abandoned and growled at the merchants and hid behind a tree. 

Shortly after, Sook Hee became calm. The dog approached the people and was rubbing his body on them. The dog also obediently put on a leash. Seeing how Sook Hee obediently followed when he was told, "Come here" - it appears that he was also trained. 

Sook Hee during the time he was rescued. 
We're not sure how long he was tied up but he was thin to the point where you can grab onto his hip with one hand.

The merchants were contemplating on what to do with the dog and ended up calling today's informant. Today's informant is Kim Tae Shik, a man in his 50s, who's famous in his area for rescuing animals. Mr. Kim is an owner of a small business and after hearing about Sook Hee, he left his business right away. 

Sook Hee snuggled into my arms but how can you dislike him?

Tae Shik remembers his first encounter with Sook Hee like this. 

The first meeting between Mr. Kim and Sook Hee. 
On this day, Sook Hee snuggled into Mr. Kim's arms.
(t/n: omg look how thin he is :( ㅠ.ㅠ)

"He snuggled into my body with his face. It was my first time seeing a dog do this during a first encounter. Ah, but there was also a story I couldn't laugh about. I was squatting down but my back suddenly felt warm. Sook Hee ended up peeing on my back because he smelled a familiar scent. But it seems that I already grew affection for him so only laughter came out."

After checking with a vet, Sook Hee was too thin. Other male dogs his age would weigh at least 20kg but Sook Hee, a two year old male dog, only weighed 15kg. He finished a bowl of dog food within 30 seconds.  

But there appears to be evidence of a small disability with Sook Hee. It's presumed that Sook Hee was involved in a small accident when he was younger, his pelvis is crooked by around 20 degrees to the right. There's no problems with him running and playing but appearance-wise, it doesn't look pretty. (t/n: I DISAGREE! HE LOOKS FREAKIN ADORABLE) That may be the reason why Sook Hee's previous family abandoned him. 

Sook Hee's pelvis is crooked by around 20 degrees due to an accident when he was younger and he can't move his tail. Thank goodness, it does not impact his motor abilities.

Yesterday, he was an abandoned dog. Today, he's a hella insider (cool kid) with preschoolers!

At the moment, Sook Hee is getting along well with other dogs that visit a dog playground and hotel in Gyeonggi-do. Although his body is big, he is still cute and innocent that we were informed that Sook Hee gives away his food to dogs that are smaller than him. 

When you hear husky, you think about their strong physical strength and how they pull a snow sled and run 20km a day. Sook Hee, who has husky blood flowing in him, also shows off his energizer instincts. If it's a day where he can't go on a walk twice a day, he'll run around the living room here and there until 10 PM. He also waits for his guardian outside the door when he hears the sound of the car engine that's hundreds of meters away. 

"These are my friends." Sook Hee is receiving foster care at a dog playground.
His physical strength is good so he runs around with his friends all day.

"Don't like me too much." Sook Hee's best friend 'Dalbong-ie'. 
Dalbong-ie, who has a good personality, is also an abandoned dog who is waiting to get adopted.

"Let me show you, the dog drill." Sook Hee, who's in a cool pool. Sook Hee shakes off the water on his body. Because of the 'dog drill', the camera used for filming got all wet.

Mr. Kim is hoping for the day Sook Hee meets a family, "No matter where you are in the country, I'll personally take my car and bring Sook Hee to you." To the people who would like to support Sook Hee, please subscribe to the YouTube channel 개st하우스 (t/n: gae-steu-ha-u-seu = guest house, it's a pun using 개 which is dog) and turn on the notification. We will be with the endangered animals until they are happy.

1. [+489 / -2] If you can't take responsibility for a life until the very end then don't adopt. Fortunately, the dog was rescued and wasn't sent to a place where he would get euthanized but most fully grown dogs are euthanized after getting rescued. There are a lot of dogs like Sook Hee, who are desperately waiting for the owner that abandoned them to come back. I hope those of you who heartlessly abandoned your family gets punished.

2. [+208 / -4] You grow affection for them even after having them for a couple of days, but how is it that you can abandon them and on top of that, how can you abandon them at a mountain ㅠ seriously, do not abandon them. The only crime they committed is being born as a dog and they only live while looking at their owners. If you don't have confidence in raising them, either leave them at a rescue organization, fire station, or animal hospital with a note with at least a bit of information about the dog or a note about the situation. Please do not abandon them at isolated places. At least keep your conscience as a human, please!!!

3. [+87 / -1] I hope he gets adopted by a nice family. Sook Hee, be happy and healthy

4. [+71 / -1] When dogs are younger, people raise them because they're small and cute but they abandon them because they grow really big and they (the owners) change. Why do they not make a registration system for pets (t/n: response to this comment explained that there is a registration system but the overall problem are people who think it's okay to abandon an animal cause they're no longer small and cute)

5. [+50 / -3] Sook Hee.. You need to be happy~