Monday, November 2, 2020

Fans and the entertainment industry left shocked and sad by the news of gagwoman Park Ji Sun's death, who passed away at 35. People criticize journalists for making the mother's final note public.

1. [+1968 / -20] Please be a false report........

2. [+748 / -7] Even if you smile brightly in front of others and it looks like there's nothing wrong, if you look deep inside, everyone has their issues. I hope this is a false report but just because a celebrity or those around us is always smiling and are bright, it doesn't mean they're a positive person. From the side, we need to look over them and take care of them

3. [+506 / -10] Unni. I watched 'Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook' and 'Yoo Quiz on the Block' to see you and I really liked it. Unni, you radiated positive energy and you were a person that demonstrated what it really meant to be lovely. Even when you did comedy/gag, you weren't like others where you tried to be funny by bringing another person down. I loved all those things about you unni. I respected you. Unni, I hope this news report is a false report. I hope you can come out laughing while shouting out, "What's this BS?" once more. 

4. [+300 / -16] A bright person like that suddenly?? Rest in peace

5. [+227 / -10] What?? Why?? I hope this isn't true. ㅠ

1. [+2613 / -27] Please go to a good place. Since at this place, you lived while only giving us laughter I hope in heaven, you definitely live as the happiest person, I'll pray that you will. My wish if for you to become the most happiest person with the most prettiest smile. I'm sorry, I'm really sorry and thank you.

2. [+1611 / -33] Ji Sun nuna. You were a person who made everyone laugh without putting others down. Please rest.

3. [+857 / -47] There really are times where you suddenly want to let go of everything... The strength that helps you bear that is your family and your kids... And when that doesn't become the reason for you to bear it... Even during the moment I'm writing this... My son comes running in smiling while saying, "Dad, are you gaming?" and I promise again to get through this day while looking at my son's face... 

4. [+749 / -35] I hope Park Ji Sun and her mother let go of all of their pain and are always happy in heaven...

5. [+597 / -60] Her heart was beautiful than anyone else's. I'm reflecting for making fun of her appearance, I'm sorry 

1. [+1019 / -10] I don't really leave comments but... She was really a good person, she was simple, and alright, I'm so sad... May she rest in peace..

2. [+649 / -4] Rest in peace

3. [+413 / -6] She was smart and I liked seeing her seeing her working hard at her job... Life is so empty. I hope you rest comfortably up in heaven.

4. [+257 / -12] There are people leaving hate comments in the middle of all this *sigh*... You really don't seem like you're in the proper headspace, if you're crazy, go to the hospital. Writing things like this while holding your phone... Look at your standards - seriously, someone passed away but do you have to say things like that until the end? Would you like it if you died and people said things like that? I seriously try not to leave comments but gosh.......... Seriously, how is the world going to be that you're behaving like that. Ji Sun unni, go to heaven and be happy. Rest in peace..

5. [+136 / -1] A precious person. Rest in peace.

1. [+14122 / -1012] Journalist-nim, this isn't it. The bereaved did not want to make the note public but did you have to publicize it like this? Overnight, they lost two family members. Please think of the bereaved who are in pain. Do you have to compete over exclusive news when a person died?

2. [+4298 / -417] The bereaved wanted to keep the details of the note private, did you just have to gather that material and publish an article... You bad journalist bastard..

3. [+1288 / -58] Rest in peace. I hope in that other world, you laugh happily

4. [+1360 / -175] This article that was published 2 minutes ago, I wonder what kind of impact it'll bring... Are you allowed to release the details of the memo like this? *sigh* Looks like the other journalists are going to copy and paste the material;;