Saturday, May 19, 2018

[Article Translation][SPOILERS!!!] All the reasons why 'My Ahjussi' was a life drama

Original Source (enews24 via Naver): Finale, all the reasons why 'My Ahjussi' was a life drama

The final episode recorded an average rating of 7.4% and the highest rating the episode recorded was 8.8%. The drama ranked in first place in ratings for the shows aired at the same time (this included shows on public broadcast channels). Especially for men and women in their 10s to 50s, the drama was ranked in 1st place in ratings for the shows aired at the same time, the drama received a lot of interest until the very end. 

In this episode, there were a lot of changes for Lee Ji An (Lee Ji Eun). With the help of Park Dong Hoon (Lee Sun Kyun) and Kang Yoon Hee (Lee Ji Ah), Ji An was able to resolve the issues associated with her wiretapping Dong Hoon's phone but Bong Ae (Son Sook), who was Ji An's only family, passed away - which brought a lot of sadness to Ji An. But the reliable adults of the neighborhood were by Ji An's side and for the first time, she realized that she wasn't alone. And then she gladly started her new life. 

Then a few years later, Dong Hoon and Ji An were doing their best to work towards their own happiness. Ji An was working to live a life that resembled the meaning of her name - "to reach comfort". 

To the drama's warm ending, viewers reacted with: "Is there a happy ending where this much lingering remains?", "During that time, I was happy because of Dong Hoon, Ji An, and the neighborhood people. Go off, comfortably.", "This was a drama that really made me want to become a good adult. Thank you.", "I feel like this is going to be a drama that I won't be able to forget in this life time, that I won't forget.", and "The whole time while I was watching, the time was touching and I was able to be comforted. I'm going to be happy no matter what". The viewers also expressed their sadness on sending off Dong Hoon and Ji An and positive reactions. 

The article's writer decided to look back on the things 'My Ahjussi' left behind by telling the story of people surviving in this world and how to achieve comfort in life. 

1. Actors who've written new life characters 

2. The birth of a life drama that told the story of a 'person'.
  • The writer wrote that this is a drama where the stories that were told were stories people were able to relate to. 
3. The way to live life to reach comfort 
  • During the 9 week journey, what 'My Ahjussi' showed us was that it's not about a life that's fancy or where you reach the top but that even if your life is ruined, it's alright, a ruined but happy life - it can be tough for anyone and sometimes it can be a hellish life but, if you have just one person on your side who tells you "It's nothing" (t/n: as in don't fret too much over it) then it's a life that's worth enduring. 
'My Ahjussi' said that if you want to be happy and reach comfort in this world, you need people. The last words Bong Ae left on how to live a happy life: "It's quite a good relationship. And a precious relationship. If you look carefully, all relationships are interesting and precious." 

1. [+1869, -104] There's no need for words. Masterpiece drama "My Ahjussi"

2. [+785, -27] It's a good drama, a really good drama, really!!!

3. [+525, -19] The two months I spent with 'My Ahjussi' was the warmest in my life. I hope the actors and production crew of 'My Ahjussi' do well for the rest of their lives.

4. [+379, -24] Because it was 'My Ahjussi' was a drama that comforted life 

5. [+278, -11] Wow they really raised their ratings ㅎㅎ the highest rating was 8.8 ㄷㄷ

6. [+155, -8] From now on, I'm not going to remember Won Bin when it comes to ahjussi but Lee Sun Kyun. This is the rediscovery of Lee Sun Kyun and Lee Ji Eun. I became a fan. (t/n: 'Ahjussi' is a really popular, well-made movie that Won Bin was the lead in and his character was just called "ahjussi" by child actor Kim Sae Ron, who was his co-star)

I know, I know...
You're probably sick of me posting all of these 'My Ahjussi' posts but I thought this article was a really good read and I'm still not over this drama ㅠ.ㅠ
Also, I didn't translate the blurb for reason #1 because I thought it was self-explanatory!