Saturday, August 17, 2019

Goo Hye Sun reveals that Ahn Jae Hyun wants a divorce

t/n: Earlier today, Goo Hye Sun uploaded an Instagram post that Ahn Jae Hyun is asking for a divorce, her caption said: "My husband who changed after our marriage lost its spark wants a divorce while I want to protect our family. (Next week, my husband's reps will be releasing new articles and I want to inform you that it's completely untrue)."

She also revealed her text messages with Ahn Jae Hyun. (t/n: His word spacing is really off lol so some sentences were a bit confusing but I'm pretty sure I was able to decipher it. Also the text message on the right is cut off so the first AJH's text isn't the full context)

(Left Picture)
AJH: I already told the 'New Journey to the West' staff the day before yesterday that the divorce agreement and the press statement you gave me three days ago will be released next week
GHS: Not next week but after we see mom's (GHS's mom) condition
GHS: To me - 'NJTTW' isn't more important than my mom's condition
AJH: It was already agreed upon and all that's left is the documents - right now, it seems like a meaningless meeting. Let's go forward with it as planned and then I'll meet up with her (GHS's mom)
AJH: It's not like I'm not going to call her (GHS's mom)
GHS: You said you were going to meet up with her. Let me know when you see her
GHS: Just like you persuaded her when we got married, take responsibility of persuading her about the divorce. It's not hard to organize the (divorce) paperwork

(Right Picture)
AJH: [........] It doesn't even seem like it'll be settled. It'll be overwhelming for your mother and it's overwhelming for me as well. Let's do things as planned and I'll go see her (afterwards)
GHS: Work is more important than my mom?
GHS: What kind of disgusting talk is this 
AJH: I'll talk to your mother through the phone
AJH: I don't know what to tell her when we meet up in person
GHS: But you should still take responsibility. If you behave insensitively, I won't stand still
GHS: Meet up with her and apologize
GHS: [Apologize] for how you didn't keep your vows when we got married
GHS: Why is work important. If it's more important than my mom then I really won't hold back

1. [+18347, -592] They're getting divorced because their marriage lost its spark. Goo Hye Sun's mother is sick but it seems like he's saying that he'll just call her (the mother) and tell her that they're getting a divorce. It seems like Goo Hye Sun has agreed to the divorce - when they were getting married, he met with the mom in person and said all kinds of things to persuade her about the marriage and with the divorce, he's not even meeting up with the mother in person and he's ending things through the phone. It seems like she uploaded this because she got fed up with him for only talking about 'NJTTW'.

2. [+12493, -274] He acted hella sweet when they filmed 'Newlyweds Diary'.. This is shocking - seeing the text messages, it looks like Ahn Jae Hyun's feelings really turned around...
↪ [+410, -15] There's no solution if your feelings are gone - the most important thing is feelings ㅋㅋ
↪ [+719, -2] During that time, it must have not been acting 

3. [+9435, -724] No but rather than that, Ahn Jae Hyun's spelling is a bit... annoying..

4. [+12995, -6583] But saying that their marriage lost its spark is Goo Hye Sun's argument. Ahn Jae Hyun was completely peeled back (t/n: peeled back as in the way you see everything about that person - for example: you used to think their eating habits was cute but then now it looks annoying, hope this makes sense!) and Goo Hye Sun could no longer hold back. It's a fact that Goo Hye Sun's own 4D world is too severe. She recently published a book about her relationship with her past boyfriends. To be honest, it's true that she's a strange person.. Her holding back can mean that she lost her patience
↪ [+1226, -21] When you find them annoying (they're referring to the peeled back thing) then doesn't that mean you lost the spark

5. [+5630, -175] Only the two of them knows what it's about.. ㅜㅜ I feel bad
↪ [+475, -6] This is the only normal comment amongst the top comments

6. [+2746, -111] It seems like Goo Hye Sun was trying to delay the news about the divorce because her mother's sick but it seems like Ahn Jae Hyun only coordinated the date with the broadcast company and said he's going to release it next week. If your mom's sick, it's difficult to tell them because their illness might get worse. Ahn Jae Hyun didn't wrap it up well

7. [+2423, -97] No one knows what goes on between a married couple but it really isn't right that he talked about 'NJTTW' during this..... He was thoughtless..