Monday, August 19, 2019

Shin Min Ah and Kim Woo Bin's relationship continues to go strong after 5 years

t/n: A coffee truck company made an Instagram post about how Kim Woo Bin ordered a coffee truck for Shin Min Ah and her drama 'Chief of Staff'. The coffee truck wrote, "Actor Kim Woo Bin-nim who gifted [the coffee truck] to actress Shin Min Ah-nim! The coffee truck that's filled with actor Kim Woo Bin's sincerity has arrived on the set of the drama 'Chief of Staff' for their many staff members and cast. The mood looked good at the cute banner text that Kim Woo Bin wrote himself. It's not a secret that she received a lot of envy from the staff [....]" 

The coffee truck banner says: "I support the entire staff and cast of 'Chief of Staff'. I especially support Shin Min Ah-nim a lot."

1. [+9660, -57] It must've been tough since he got sick not long after they started dating but Shin Min Ah is so lovable for supporting him by his side until the end and I think Kim Woo Bin is a person that has that value so it's really cool

2. [+3266, -38] If you're going to love, love like them~ They're not trying to show anything off to the public and it's nice to see them cherishing one another~~ I hope they're happy for a long~~ time~

3. [+1991, -52] I'm a woman but Shin Min Ah is charming ❤
↪ [+58, -4] I'm a man but Kim Woo Bin is charming ♥

4. [+1030, -28] Shin Min Ah is cool.

5. [+680, -18] They really match well

6. [+384, -6] This couple is the prettiest and I think they're dating each other quietly - Kim Woo Bin's impression looks really fierce but there's a lot of stories that he's very polite and nice, I think because he's like that that Shin Min Ah has kept on supporting him from the side