Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Asiana Airlines makes an emergency landing to save an 8-year-old passenger

t/n: An Asiana Airlines flight bound from New York to Seoul last month made an emergency landing when an 8-year-old passenger suddenly fell ill, according to the air carrier on Tuesday. The decision allowed for the fast transportation and treatment of the girl, who has since recovered.

According to Asiana, the passenger, identified by her surname, Choi, was on flight OZ221 from New York to Incheon Airport for a visit to South Korea with her family. About an hour and 30 minutes into the trip, Choi suddenly developed a high fever and stomachache. Flight attendants immediately started tending to the child and consulted with a doctor aboard the plane, who said the child needed emergency medical attention at a hospital, the airline explained.

They announced the plane’s diversion to the nearby Anchorage airport to the flight of 470 people, seeking their understanding and cooperation for the emergency landing. The Asiana Anchorage ground crew was on standby to rush Choi to a nearby hospital. 

In order to execute a safe landing, the plane had to dump 15 tons of jet fuel into the air to lower its weight. 

After refueling, the flight set back off from Anchorage and arrived at Incheon Airport about four hours behind schedule. 

Upon landing, passengers broke into applause when the pilot broadcast apologies for the inconvenience and thanked them for their cooperation, the airline said.

Days after the incident, the airline said Choi’s father sent a letter thanking those involved, including a picture drawn by the 8-year-old.

“We thank the flight crew, passengers, pilot, and officers of Flight 02221 for making the difficult choice to emergency land and the staff at Anchorage for their rapid treatment of my child,” the letter read. (cr. Korea Herald)

1. [+641, -4] It's quite a heartwarming article, imagine how worried her parents were. Especially the people involved with Asiana Airlines and the passengers, you all are first class citizens. I hope everyone in our country is healthy during this heat wave ^^^

2. [+424, -15] It feels like the press is distributing examples of moving stories, good job!!
↪ [+23, -0] Moving stories like this should be widely spread
↪ [+43, -0] I feel like the original commenter doesn't fly often - this was a very, very big loss (t/n: for the airlines and passengers because they had to make an emergency landing, get rid of jet fuel, and lost time), if they know that they did it out of consideration then I think it's bigger than a moving story   

3. [+334, -13] Flying back isn't peanuts but life (t/n: they're taking a jab at Korean Airlines and their nut rage scandal)

4. [+196, -0] This is why people are beautiful~ Thank you to all the beautiful people and I hope you're happy.

5. [+105, -0] I wish there was heartwarming news like this in the world - the world is too messy.