Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Baseball player Choo Shin Soo announces that his sons renounced their Korean citizenship

t/n: Choo Shin Soo plays for the Texas Rangers of Major League Baseball. His agent in Korea recently announced that Choo Shin Soo's two sons (14 and 11 years old) decided to relinquish their Korean citizenships. His children were born and raised in the United States. The agent revealed that Choo Shin Soo is respecting his sons' decision and doesn't understand why this is becoming such an issue.

According to the agent, Choo Shin Soo asked his children, "Do you have thoughts of living in Korea when you grow older?" and his sons responded, "I like Korea but there isn't much I know about Korea. I want to live in the U.S."

Most people are being understanding since the children were born and raised in the U.S. for their entire life but some people are criticizing Choo Shin Soo and his family. The criticizers are comparing Choo Shin Soo to Yoo Seung Jun - who's most known for ending his career after he went and became a U.S. citizen to evade his mandatory military service. Ever since then, Yoo Seung Jun has been permanently banned from entering the country.

1. [+16861, -325] Telling them to serve in the Korean military when they were born and raised in the U.S. is a bit......
↪ [+358, -98] It doesn't matter. But it's not good to see them keeping the daughter's dual citizenship and leaving it to observe the situation and utilize the Korean citizenship while seeing only their sons getting out of it

2. [+8693, -182] They live in the U.S. but why are people talking about Korean military service~?? ㅡ Who are they comparing them to.. Yoo Seung Jun received benefits from Korea and then evaded military service but Choo Shin Soo's sons are kids who have never lived in Korea before.... You should make good judgement before you shit on people

3. [+7260, -1197] Even the president's daughter immigrated so patriotism is eh... .... ... (t/n: You can read about Moon Jae In's daughter moving here - Donga Ilbo)

4. [+3060, -325] Has Kang Kyung Ha's daughter not renounced her U.S. citizenship yet? 

5. [+1125, -34] They're unfamiliar with Korea because they were raised in the U.S., of course the children would choose their familiar U.S. citizenship than the unfamiliar Korean citizenship. How is that an evading military service controversy? Then are all second-generation Koreans living abroad evading their military service? Yoo Seung Jun promoted as a celebrity in the country, earned money off of that popularity, and was a celebrity that gained a profit off of that popularity - no one forced him to say it but with his own mouth, he said that he'll enlist and after he became popular again, he suddenly acquired a U.S. citizenship and scammed people - how is this related to Choo Shin Soo's sons? Don't rip people apart while emphasizing patriotism just anywhere, that's not patriotism but totalitarianism or in other words, just fascism.