Thursday, December 31, 2020

[SPOILERS?][Sing Again Episode 1 Roundup + Naver TV Viewers Comments] The show makes its premiere and provides a second chance for "forgotten" singers and singers who haven't received their opportunity to shine

Episode 1

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Nationwide ratings for episode 1 that aired on November 16, 2020: 3.2% (cr. Naver TV)

t/n: For the show, the names of the contestants aren't revealed. The judges only know them as 'contestant 1', 'contestant 2', so that they can be judged fairly and only on their skills

1. [+169 / -1] He sings a difficult song easily and well~~

2. [+115 / -0] Was this a song that can be sang this easily? ㅋ

3. [+104 / -0] Awesome... I want to keep watching.. A stage no one else follow!

4. [+103 / -1] Wow, this person is really good. Why did he only come out now? I'm going to have my eyes on him as a front-runner to win. He also took good care of his throat, wow~~ The fact that he sang this song this comfortably, I'm really looking forward to see which song he's going to see next. I really became a ran of this person today 

5. [+87 / -0] I felt stuffy because of the fine dust but I like his voice because it's clear ㅎㅎ  

t/n: the title of the video is giving a hint about the contestant - the contestant's name has already been released everywhere lol but he's the singer Jaejoo Boys  

1. [+241 / -0] Hul, Jaejoo Boys!!!

2. [+169 / -0] His voice is like a jewel ㅠㅠㅠ

3. [+157 / -0] That's right.. Around this time, I should listen to 'Tangerine'

4. [+135 / -0] 'Tangerine', 'Holding Hands while Humming', '2nd 3rd', 'A Last Dance with Me', 'Myeongnyun-dong'... While our breath is coming out (because of the cold), 'Snowy Day'. I hope the musician I love always receives love while maintaining their color.

5. [+118 / -3] When he appeared, I was like, "Huh? Why is a boy like him who has a lot of jaejoo (talent) here..." 

t/n: this is the singer Nerd Connection

1. [+415 / -3] Kim Kwang Seok + Kim Feel 

2. [+256 / -3] At the beginning, his voice was like Kim Feel and he was like Jang Ki Ha during the narration part

3. [+255 / -1] One of the songs from this person, 'Good Night, Good Dream' is really good, I wish it was available at karaoke ㅠ (t/n: pls take a listen: YouTube link)
ㄴ [+11 / -0] Thanks to you, I found out about a good song and good singer, thank you

4. [+202 / -2] It's corny but hip, those type of vibes? I was really in awe!!

5. [+190 / -1] He's really a singer that I only wanted to know about but with this opportunity, I hope he becomes more popular and he's able to express his skills to his heart's desire. Singer number 26, hwaiting 🎉 

t/n: I used to listen to her band so much when I was in middle school 🥺such a throwback 💜my favorite song of theirs was 'Flowerpot' (YouTube) and 'If Only' (YouTube)

1. [+984 / -2] Her beauty and voice has not changed.. I want to listen to 'Doll's Dream' again, Loveholic! (t/n: here's a link to the song)

2. [+901 / -4] 'Loveholic', 'Come and Play', 'Flowerpot', 'Doll's Dream', 'If Only'
ㄴ [+11 / -0] Wow, I'm going to listen to all of them today and sleep

3. [+888 / -25] Ji Sun is an unknown singer? Ji Sun is the pioneer of indie singers like Yozoh, Gyepy, Taru, Shim Gyu Sun, and more. How is Ji Sun an unknown singer? She has way more hits than most famous female solo artists. I'm not saying anything about her coming out on the show but I'm saying that Ji Sun is too underestimated.

4. [+639 / -10] This person is way too famous to come out as a unknown singer

5. [+515 / -4] My MySpace BGM 💕

1. [+1180 / -36] The pitch for 'Bar Bar Bar' is high but she sang that all by herself and while dancing, who exactly are you... On top of that, her tune wasn't shaking, it's perfect

2. [+933 / -31] Ah... the fact that this voice wasn't auto-tuned/worked on;; But she's singing 'Bar Bar Bar' but what's up with this singing ability? (t/n: they're saying she sings good)

3. [+793 / -29] Her abilities were hidden because of the concept, she's good~

4. [+771 / -28] At first, the only thing I could think of was 'Bar Bar Bar' so I was like, "Wait, you're going to sing that...?" and I was worried but as soon as I heard the first line, I realized that this song can be sang live and I was in shock;;;

5. [+584 / -27] She sang this by herself... It's been a while since I got pumped up, Bar Bar Bar!! 

1. [+729 / -7] The very person who made Gangneung-Wonju National University into a global top 3 music college.. (t/n: the commenter is just joking lol the contestant went viral for his performance on National Singing Contest after singing 'Like the Salmon That Tracing Up the River' and got the nickname 'Salmon Master'. He attended Gangneung-Wonju National University so they're joking that he made the college into a top music college)

2. [+487 / -5] He's just the best. . .

3. [+434 / -15] I don't understand why they put Jeon In Kwon in the panel of judges.. This is a good song

4. [+347 / -9] One of the judges must urgently be replaced 

5. [+347 / -20] He's the only one who didn't press the button (voted for the contestant) and pretends to be an artist - the druggie who tries to be serious, plagiarizing singer, Lee Eun Ju's stalker. I wish this bastard didn't come out