Tuesday, August 28, 2018

After his absence, Kian84 reassures people that he's not leaving 'I Live Alone'

Kian was absent from last week's episode of 'I Live Alone'. Many viewers were wondering where he was and was worried that he might quit the show. On his Instagram, he explained: "I'm not leaving 'I Live Alone'~ I came to Japan to rest and draw. Thank you for worrying about a guy like me. See you in September. *Bows*"

1. [+188, -21] You can't leave~ 

2. [+149, -8] Whether he does this or that, he sure is a person that stirs my heart

3. [+38, -4] That's right, you can't leave.. ㅋㅋ Just don't cause a scandal.. You're a long run

4. [+33, -3] It felt so empty because Kian wasn't there~ Take a rest, charge up, and come back soon~

5. [+27, -0] Because of Kian84-nim, there were many times where I laughed loudly. Coming out on shows while publishing must be really hard but please stay strong~~~ Hwaiting!!!!!!