Sunday, August 5, 2018

[Simon D Roundup] Simon D and his parents continue to receive love from viewers after their appearance on 'I Live Alone'

1. [+6726, -188] Simon D lezzzz go for becoming a fixed cast member - to be honest, I feel like he's really funny and Simon D, just ignore the hate comments~

2. [+2830, -32] It seems like Simon D's face got a lot better after coming out on TV, in his first appearance, he looked like he was dying

3. [+2026, -40] My father is also a Gyeongsang Province dad who does the dishes like Simon D's dad and is also really affectionate. I lived thinking it was a obvious thing but seeing how a lot of people are praising Simon D's father, I'm proud of my dad and happy for no reason, I feel sorry for taking his love for granted but also thankful ㅎㅎ Thank you for giving us a funny and good show ♡

4. [+1376, -31] "Stop it" ㅎㅎㅎ Their happy family was healing (t/n: Whenever Simon D's mom kept nagging nonstop at Simon D, his dad would say: "Stop it~" when he noticed the vibes were getting awkward LOL)

5. [+643, -36] Henry endorphine 

6. [+533, -5] Thanks to Simon D's parents, I'm really seeing Simon D in a different light. Simon D must also have some kind of good personality after being raised by those type of parents, the whole family is warm and cool~!!

7. [+327, -3] It seems like Hyun Moo hyung and Hye Jin nuna are going to get married soon, congrats ㅎㅎ I think Park Narae is the best pick for the chairman position 

8. [+302, -1] Lee Si Eon imitating the universal(?) Gyeongsang Province family was also really funny ㅋㅋ       

1. [+2862, -33] His father is very thoughtful...Simon D, prosper!!

2. [+2149, -62] I laughed while not realizing time was passing but why do people keep telling him not to come out on the show... There are a lot of twisted people, Simon D is funny ❤️

3. [+1044, -40] Simon D is basically confirmed as a fixed cast member if it's to the point where his father said that it's a pleasure to see him on TV every week then it seems like he already finished talking with the production staff about the topic of being a fixed cast member 

4. [+967, -26] Simon D exploded another heart fluttering bomb and his parents' funniness was really nice to see and when he smiled during his stage performance, I thought he was eating my heart ㅠ he's a bomb of coolness ㅋ

5. [+406, -4] It's my first time seeing a father stare at his son with that much honey dripping from his eyes ㅎㅎ he also treats his wife good too. He's so kindhearted ㅋ I can see how Simon D will be in the future 

6. [+390, -31] Let's just go for making him a fixed cast member, he's funny